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OpenXR News and Feedback Thread

This thread is to highlight latest developments regarding Oculus and OpenXR! If you're running into any issues with OpenXR and/or have feedback to share, leave it as a comment in this thread! Latest Update 7/23/21: Oculus opens full support for OpenX...

mouse_bear by Retired Support
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Linux OS Support

Are there any plans to add support for Linux? At the moment, SteamVR has Full Support for Linux, but Oculus does not.

NFernand by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Is there an update on Quest Pro Tongue Tracking?

This Question was asked some time ago and a Community Manager answered with "We are looking into it".But I wanted to ask if there is any update on the tongue tracking for Quest Pro.So far I'm rather happy with the face tracking capabilities but one t...

Autodriver does not work on MetaXR

Hello!I'm a developer working in QA for an application built in Unreal Engine. I have helped implement an E2E tool that relies on the autodriver file that records user inputs. We just upgraded from OculusVR in UE4 to MetaXR in UE5. The documentation ...

OpenXR interaction profile quirks in Unity

This is not a post about using Unity for Meta OpenXR development - more a lower-level question about how Unity's OpenXR implementation is interacting with the Meta runtime (specifically the Android/Quest runtime). Unity applies its own cross-backend ...

and490 by Honored Guest
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OpenXR crash (with OpenComposite) in PTC v59

With a stable branch of the Oculus app on Windows, everything works fine here and I don't have THIS problem.(Except I have a huge amount of colorful pixels, so I use the Beta branch which shows fewer artifacts. But this is not related to this topic.)...

armax23 by Protege
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Point c;oud Interaction in Meta Quest 2

I am trying to build an application for the Meta Quest 2 where I have a 33 million point cloud of a building and I need the player (avatar) to interact with it and other object that I keep there. I have successfully imported the point cloud but I am ...

PC VR - Passthrough AirLink - OpenXR

Hi there,I don't have much experience with OpenXR. I was wondering just briefly, is it possible to use passthrough via the OpenXR extension (XR_FB_passthrough) when using a Quest 2 Air-Linked to a PC. So the app will be built and running on the PC, t...

fb_foveation extension

May I ask if anyone is able to make the fb_foveation work? As we are implementing the OpenXr and wanna use the eye gazing features, which seems to require the fb_foveation work. May I ask how I should access this or get the eye gaze location from Que...

Getting Foveation center from OpenXR

May I ask if anyone has tried to get the foveated center from Meta Quest Pro?I am working on this, and I have tried XR_FB_eye_tracking_social. It seems like this feedback is only the pose.We would like to try the XR_Meta_eye_tracked, which seems to c...

Open xr not selecting oculus

So when i go to settings to make oculus the current open xr runtime,it just doesint do anything,steam vr works fine,but when i hit the"set oculus as active"button,nothing

cozsmo by Honored Guest
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URP texture in unity

i have i problem with texture in URP material its render a glitch like broken glass , how fix it?im used quest 2 vr , unity 2021.3.19f1 >> help*

mosab1995 by Honored Guest
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This file does not belong to any project target

I was able to build and deploy (Quest 2) hello_xr from using the instructions from . However, whenever I load t...

Unable to set openxr runtime to oculus

I am developing a game using unity. I want to use hand tracking and eye tracking in that game, but I can't see the image of my hand. The PC and HMD are connected with a cable. Nothing happens when I press the circled button in the OpenXR settings wit...


Need help improving resolution in OpenXR Mobile SDK.

I updated a project that used VrApi to OpenXR Mobile SDK.It runs okay, but there is an issue in which the resolution is low.When creating the FrameBuffer, I set the width and height to quest2's resolution of 1832, 1920.However, the resolution was sti...

Jenny_SJ2 by Honored Guest
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