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OpenXR News and Feedback Thread

This thread is to highlight latest developments regarding Oculus and OpenXR! If you're running into any issues with OpenXR and/or have feedback to share, leave it as a comment in this thread! Latest Update 7/23/21: Oculus opens full support for OpenX...

mouse_bear by Retired Support
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OpenXR Unity Guide ?

Hello.I am currently developing games on the quest 2 because I need hand tracking. I would like to know if there was any updated tutorial out there to develop on Unity with OpenXR and hand tracking. I didn't found if I could use the Oculus Integratio...

Resolved! Set Oculus as OpenXR Runtime

I know some people created this before. But my case is different. I tried all the solution that I can find on the forums. I tried to change the registry, but somehow OpenXR folder is not there. I can see only "Vulkan" in the "Khronos" folder (In both...

rio_wahab_0-1665585398141.png rio_wahab_1-1665585644784.png
rio_wahab by Honored Guest
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Basic GUI elements or rendering text?

I've been having fun with the openXR API and been writing this "water animation" which reacts to the heartrate. Now I'd like to display text (heartrate for example) or a simple popup window. Or it would be even nicer to r...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Quest2 v46 not support OpenXR?

Oculus Quest2 Headset updated to v46. ( created with OpenXR in Unity do not launch after update.The problem has been around since last Wednesday.Games uploaded to AppLab also cannot be accessed.

Resolved! Editing Cubes in hello_xr Android Studio

How can I change the color of the cubes in hello_xr from Android Studio?I have very little experience with Android Studio, but I can run hello_xr on on my Quest 2 and I understand OpenGL C++. I tried looking at some of the .c and .cpp files, but Andr...

AugmaDev by Explorer
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OpenXR hand tracking extension support through Link

Hi there, I am building an application on PC using OpenXR and using Oculus Link with my Quest 2. I'd like to integrate hand tracking into the application, but it doesn't look like Oculus's OpenXR implementation on PC offers the extension XR_EXT_hand_...

Philpax by Explorer
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How to shift the tracked hand

Hello, I am using the integration SDK to track my hand and I need to apply an offset to the hand.I can successfully get the position of the hand with a Hand object from the Oculus.Interaction.Input, or a OVRHand object, but how can I set it ? Thank y...

Loosing tracking of a Hand Controller on Rift S

Hello,In our OpenXR, UE4.27 project we are observing an occasional and seemingly random loss of tracking of one hand controller while playing in a Shipping build. We have tried to repro without much success, the tracking loss occurs on either hand. F...

Re haptics

Hi I wanted to know if it was possible to run an OpenXR app in the background to monitor Quest 2 controller inputs and forward this information on to a peripheral device via Bluetooth or WiFi? I'm trying to avoid having to individually code every app...

Falan by Honored Guest
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How to run the sample apps in the OpenXR SDK?

I downloaded the SDK from here. I tried running the sample apps under the folder XrSamples, however, I cannot run these apps on my Quest 2 headset. I keep getting the following errorExecution failed for task ':XrSamples:XrHandsFB:Projects:Android:com...

yavuz650 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Thumb joints rotated 90 degrees

This is when directly accessing the OpenXR hand tracking EXT in StereoKit (not Unity). Quest 2 thumbs are about 90 degrees off from what I expect to see from the OpenXR spec! It appears as though the thumb is using +Y to face up from the back of the ...

koujaku_0-1649867398232.png koujaku_1-1649867413109.png
koujaku by Protege
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OpenXR and Fisheye 180

Dear Oculus Team!In previous (older) versions of Oculus integration in the OVR overlay module there was support for a Fisheye 180 mesh. Could you please inform me if there are any plans to add support to the new system with OpenXR, as well as make it...

Enable 90 or 120 Hz in Unity OpenXR

According to Unity, the Oculus implementation of OpenXR in Unity doesn't yet support changing the display frequency on the Quest headsets to 90 or 120 Hz. Any plans on when this will be possible?

Sandstedt by Expert Protege
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OpenXR, Quest and Vulkan

I've managed to set up a native Quest app running Vulkan via OpenXR. It renders (clears the screen to a colour) - but only in Cast - the view from the headset remains black. No crashes, Vulkan validation errors, or OpenXR errors.What could I be missi...

Eye freezes when screen recording

Hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction with this one because it's got me scratching behind my ear.We're having an interesting issue that when we turn on recording in the Quest (testing on a Quest 2), that the left eye stops upd...

Mux213 by Explorer
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UE4 OpenXR capacitive touch input issues (bug report)

Last night I tried using OVRPlugin OpenXR and Native OpenXR as XR API in my project. Turned out that capacitive touch events on Oculus Touch controllers don't work with OpenXR I am using Oculus fork of UE 4.27.2 with 1.70 integration (the latest ava...

InputBindings.png BP_Setup.png
motorsep by Rising Star
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Hand animations does not work

I am using XR rig with custom hands that are ready prefabs with all needed scripts and animations. They are tracked correctly on Oculus BUT when I press any key there is no animation on the hands and NO movement of any finger. It looks so cheap! This...

Kitana_mk by Honored Guest
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OpenXR Generic Loader

So far, Quest has been shipping with a custom Android openxr_loader. Now that openxr_loader supports Android properly, I would love to know when, or if Quest will support the official openxr_loader? Any news would be great, as this would really help ...

koujaku by Protege
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Can't enable foveated rendering

I can't get it to work even in the provided sample (Oculus OpenXR Mobile SDK, 38.0, XrCompositor_NativeActivity).Tried creating foveation profile first and use it for all swapchains, tried to create on per swapchain and delete afterwards (just as in ...

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