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grip button no longer works with v46

The grip button no longers work for my OpenXR based app with the v46 update.




I gave links to my own code here on this very page 3 weeks ago.

@VoodooUomo@lionleafOkay I found the cause of the bug! it is the XR_MSFT_hand_interaction extension, it is not enough to not provide suggested bindings for this interaction profile, the extension must not be enabled entirely otherwise suggested bindings for touch (pro) interaction profile involving grip button will not work.


Oculus Staff

Very helpful, thank you! We'll see if we can repro with this and keep you all posted.

Oculus Staff

@LordSirSgtJeffreyThanks, that was very useful in order for us to reproduce the bug. We have found the root cause and a fix is on the way.

We really appreciate you reporting this and working with us to narrow it down.

Heroic Explorer

Thank you @LordSirSgtJeffrey

Let's hope more people start using native OpenXR soon so we can all help highlight and resolve these things.


Any news regarding this?
I was really hoping that a standard like OpenXR would have been better supported. Do we need to switch to a newer Unreal version or just wait for a Quest update for it to be fixed?

Oculus Staff

Yes we found the issue and landed a fix for it in v50 which you should all be getting in February.


Thank you very much for the update!