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Black screen problem after the upgrade of the quest device system

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#Program Description#

I'm developing an android application that runs on oculus quest devices The program is opened in a non vr mode. The initial interface is a non vr mode interface (activityA, which is described as the interface below), and then it jumps from this interface to another interface (activityB) in the vr mode.

activityA ---- Common interface of non_vr mode, initial interface

activityB ------ vr mode interface

#Problem description#

This process can run normally before the upgrade of the quest system version;

After upgrading the system, when activityA jumps to activityB, activityB cannot be opened in the vr mode in the quest device, but is displayed as a square interface with a black screen.

#Code design#

        android:value="vr_only" />

According to my task requirements, I put this configuration code under the activity tab of activityB to ensure that activityB is in the vr mode and not under the application tab; This causes the above problems after the request system is updated.

Also try to set the vr_only configuration code is placed under the application tag, which will result in the black screen of activityA and the inability to operate.

What can I do to solve this problem?Thank you for your answers and suggestions.



I got total same issue after upgrading headset