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Google Earth VR expansion

Honored Guest

I find Google Earth VR really interesting but thought its functionality could be improved. Imagine plotting a route between two points and then "walking" that route without the point and click that jumps between photos. The main issue being the speed of loading of each scene as you move. This could be harnessed when using a treadmill or exercise bike to take long walks anywhere you wanted. I though that if photos could be loaded into a local depository then shown in a linear fashion at a controlled or variable speed (that can be stopped when an interesting view appears) then the impression of moving in VR/Google earth would work so much better without the slow loading of separate images - almost like a moving video or a flyover at street view level.

So, I asked ChatGPT the following:

"Create a sub-routine for the Google Earth VR open source programme using python to allow a user to map a route from a point A to a point B and store the individual photographs between these two points in folder on a local hard drive and then allow those photographs to be viewed in a linear way at a variable speed"

And it came back with a load of code to incoporate into Google Earth VR. But, I have no idea what to do with the code as I am not a programmer. Does anyone know how to get this into the Google Earth coding as an Add On? I think this would be revolutionary for people who want a travel experience and are unable to get out. If you put the above message into ChatGPT you will se what I mean.  Anyone able to do this??