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Is WebXR dom-overlay support hidden behind a feature flag?



I'm trying to use the WebXR `dom-overlay` feature.  

I've tried some online demos and turning on these Chrome flags:
  1. "WebXR Experiments"
  2. "Experimental Platform features"

But no joy.  

Is this simply not supported?  

Is there any plan to support it?


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I would like to emphasize how important the DOM Overlay is also in my WebXR developments. Please, when would it be available?


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Hey i dont know if you already found the solution or a work around - but there is a great library I have used to created interfaces with. So when I clicked some button on the interface, I would interact with the dom that way.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the link, it does look polished and I liked particularly the text and animation features,

I do need real DOM elements as in DOM-Overlay WebXR specs to achieve a smooth transition from 2D to 3D to immersive for my .

It seams DOM-Overlay would be easy to implement so I wonder why for now it is still only available in mobile Chrome.


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Was there any update on this? Does the Quest 3 WebXR support DOM overlay now?

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Quest 3 browser now runs the AR example with DOM overlay, a rectangle changing colors.

I do not think it is hidden behind a flag (did I change it before?) but I will confirm that soon.
runs on Quest 3.

Hey thanks for the reply. That's the exact sample I use to test, it doesn't show the DOM when you enter AR. There's supposed to be the colored rectangles (I see those), but then also an informational panel and "Exit AR" button coming from the DOM. I don't see those.


Do you?

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You are right, DOM-overlay must be set as optional so it runs but no DOM elements are shown.

It is really a pity that Meta does not implement this simple feature part of the WebXR standard.

Even on Android, why Chrome does not implement it in VR and only in AR? Really strange...

Chrome doesn't implement DOM Overlay for VR because the W3C DOM Overlay spec is only for immersive AR sessions:

Thanks for telling me that.

So it is the Spec that is stupid for it is easy to understand that DOM-overlay would also be very useful in VR. 

Anyway, chromium could implement it 😉