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Meta/Occulus and Java OpenJDK?

Honored Guest

A) Would it be possible for there to be an arrangement where an Occulus Quest 2 could run Java software using secure WIFI from a PC, seprately from itself, to support the full capabilities of an Occulus Quest 2 unit, without having to install any Java software on the Occulus unit itself, to have things work?  I am hoping to run a custom Java OpenJDK through WIFI from a PC Server to facilitate a VR interactive world, either for one user in one world instance, or multiple Occulus Quest 2 users simultaneously in one world instance.  It would be ideal if I didn't need two custom JREs, one for the PC and one for the Occulus unit.  What do the experts there think?


B) What PC software language driver bindings are available to take information to and from the hand controllers, the Occulus Display, and haptic feedback and PC language software? Is there Java Support, particularly along the lines I have stated in A), and if not, could such Java Software support be brought into being, just as there already is on the Occulus website for C++, and SDK support (with proper Javadoc documentation?)