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Problem with implementation of XRInputSourcesChangeEvent on Quest browser

Honored Guest
I'm working on the development of a WebXR application and I've recently noticed an issue when the input controllers are temporarily lost and "reconnected".
The reconnection triggers a XRInputSourcesChangeEvent event with an "added" property listing XRInputSource objects associated to each controller that is reconnected. These XRInputSource objects are supposed to have a gamepad property but it seems that this property is not set correctly (it's null) when a controller is reconnected. 
The problem doesn't occur the first time the controllers are detected after the initialization of the XRSession.
The problem isn't reproduced on a different browser (wolvic).
- Headset: Meta Quest 3
- Version: 64.0.0
Expected behavior: XRInputSourcesChangeEvent should provide an "added" property listing XRInputSource objects with a properly initialiazed gamepad property when a controller is "reconnected".
Any idea for a workaround until a fix is implemented would be appreciated.