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Reporting a dangerous game and developer


Hello, I am creating this forum today to bring the team to the attention of a developer on the applab platform that breaks several content guidelines (with proof from the developer himself in form of screenshots relating to the game) I was directed by a meta employee to come to the developer section for this report. Below are information of things this developer has done both in his community, what he allows with his game, and proof of it, each section references a file I will not post publicly on this forum, if a member of the Meta support team requests the files I will gladly give them privately. 

I have also been made aware his oculus username is: Mind-Kraft , he has also been known to go as PacBot and Zoop. 

1.png: shows information of the developer himself allowing for Hate speech, harmful stereotypes, or the promotion or incitement of violence against individuals or groups based on protected characteristics. We don’t allow content that attacks people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability.

Image (1).png: him explaining to a minor it is ok to "sexually gratify" himself in VR playing his own game, Pornography, including content for the purpose of sexual gratification

Review1.PNG: available to see on his reviews for the store page
he several people have been reporting he will unban for real life currency, which can be both Bullying, harassment, or threats against individuals as well as Content that spams, defrauds, or misleads for the purpose of harming users.
Real money gambling or promoting or giving users the ability to redeem or cash out in-game currencies or objects.

IMG_66115.jpg: him exclaiming that the voice of a minor "turns him on" Pornography, including content for the purpose of sexual gratification, as well as in Image.png the same thing but directly explaining in explicit detail and inviting a minor.

IMG_8229.jpg: requesting a user he knows to be underage to send a photo of themselves, this can also be construed to the prior examples of Pornography, including content for the purpose of sexual gratification

2022-06-14_21-04-26_Trim_Trim_1.mp4: him explaining to a minor that his voice "turns me on" once again Pornography, including content for the purpose of sexual gratification

as well as finally the most disgusting piece of evidence (content warning of sexual material) on his official community hub for the game you can see him sexually gratifying himself on camera and then showing his fluids to the users in the call, many of which again have been said to be minors. this is
file 2022-12-18_15-55-59_Trim.mp4 and once again the most grotesque moment and heavily against community guidelines (I will also be reaching out to Discord)

last image of proof is testamony.png from a user I contacted who was exposed to the user with full confidence on 2022-12-18_15-55-59_Trim.mp4 who recorded the video and states on record that he was under the age of 18 in the US at the time he was exposed to Pacbot.

any further required information I will be more than happy to share as there is more files of evidence and direct testimonies against the user please feel free to request more information. this developer and the game he ahs on the app store are a danger to all VR users who come across it. I previously linked it but I will link it again:
please update me with any information regarding this case.


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all of this is right


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Wow, thanks so much for making others aware! I agree that this behavior is not what we want to see or condone, for the safety of all users. I recommend following the steps here to report this to Meta. We appreciate your efforts to make VR a better experience for everyone!