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"Offline" web app on oculus quest

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Hi guys, I'm developing three js application (for those who don't know three js is web 3d framework with support for web xr, vr, ar...) and react js.  Everything works fine on oculus but I need to have this application in offline mode (without access for native functionality, just simple 3d preview) for android itself apache cordova works nice for this, but oculus and his vr core are different level. Do you have some experience with something like this?


I also tried react native, but there is always some evil I had to defeat before even application running. React VR demo was totally not working... 


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Hi there! Any news on this topic?

Hi no news, I tried apache cordova, not working,.... all articles on web are like 6 years old, I think this is dead, lost every hope, unity and unreal won,....  Babylon JS is going to be rewritten to c++ so it can be native, but I don't think they will be available so soon (and don't know if they will support VR).

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