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0.4.4 + Unreal Engine 4?

Hi there, today i noticed that you have recently updated the Oculus UE GitHub to comply with the 0.4.4 SDK:
(which strangely is still under the 4.5 branch instead of 4.6)

Anyway i tried to compile UE from this in order to test the latest runtime with it, but i got stuck trying to download the Oculus pre-requisite:
(Acces Denied)

Is this an error/mistake or am i just a bit too early trying to do this?


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Hmm.. we may have jumped the gun a bit with this one.

I believe the update is coming either later today or tomorrow, so stay tuned.
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The proper link for the file should be
I'll fix it in the

As to 4.6: it was just released and we need some time to post a new integration. Should be done tomorrow / Friday.

Ok, thanks a lot!

Well i don't like to get annoying with the same thing again, but i compiled the UE 4.6 GitHub version (compatible with the 0.4.4 runtime), converted my demo and launched it with 0.4.4 installed, and i still have much worse performance than using the old 0.4.2 runtime.. I could run my scene at "hmd sp 140" on 0.4.2, but i have to go down to "hmd sp 110" to have it playable on 0.4.3 / 0.4.4 (blurry mess in comparison).

As i mentioned on the Epic forums i sometimes wonder if the people that have NOT noticed a decrease in performance is because they have Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 7, or because they didn't try 0.4.2 in DIRECT mode + AERO OFF + mirror OFF + a screen percentage that was on the limit of barely hitting 75 fps..

Is this problem only happening to a very small percentage of people? Or is it simply the price that we have to pay in order to have lower latency? As i understand it after 0.4.3 the SDK makes the GPU wait until the current frame is finished and displayed before moving on, to reduce overall latency.. But since it makes such a big difference in performance i would prefer if it was at least optional (something like ultra-low latency mode vs performance mode).

Are we going to have wait until async timewarp works on PC to have our old performance back + low latency? Shall i go and buy Windows 8.1 + Nvidia card?

I just would like to have an idea of what's going on here.. cheers!

Just to show that i'm not the only one having this issue, these are the 3 last threads on the "VR Development" section of the Unreal Engine forums:

Some posts are from people that have noticed the decrease in FPS, and some are from people new to the engine and struggling with performance, but i believe it's really the same thing.

Some other related threads on the UE-VR 1st page:

And on the Oculus forums:
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Out of curiosity, do you know if Oculus/Epic can still run the Showdown demo at 90 Hz with the same quality settings and HW (graphics card) from Oculus Connect, using the latest 0.4.4 runtime?

Also if this happens to be a Windows 7 only issue and fixing it is not a high priority for Oculus/Epic because Windows 7 is on its way out i would totally understand; however it would still be very useful to know!