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Judder in OculusRoomTiny

I get judder in OculusRoomTiny (x64, release, run outside visual studio), and every other application, in both direct mode and extended mode.
I know my computer is a bit old, but I would have thought something as undemanding as OculusRoomTiny could run without judder. Am I expecting too much? Or is it an issue?
I tried it with Aero disabled and enabled, but it made no difference.

Grand Champion
I've seen the judder on OculusRoomTiny as well, even on a fairly decent machine (i7 / GTX 680). It's not consistent, but when it happens it's stuck like that until I close the program. I don't think you are expecting that much. It's a simple scene that should run great on a range of hardware.
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I posted my dxdiag in one of the other alpha testing threads.