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Reset Oculus Home Request

For in-game recentering, press the Xbox button and choose the re-center option on the right hand icons. For recentering Home itself, open the Oculus desktop app and choose the gear icon on top right -> Settings -> Devices -> Sensor -> Setup Sensor an...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift SDK 1.0 / App submission

I can't make much sense of today's email and the pages it directs me to. It's as if it caters for one specific case and doesn't cover different types of developer.In this morning's email "Rift SDK 1.0 Shipping to Developers with Final Rift Hardware" ...

Scawen by Heroic Explorer
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Bug - Texture viewports

I've been going through my book examples and porting them over to 0.7. One of them is focused on rendering to a subsection of the offscreen framebuffer(s) so as to reduce the rendering load. I've found that it no longer works as expected. Typically t...

jherico by Adventurer
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Oculus 0.8 Alpha RC2 [Private]

Hey,There is an 0.8 RC2. Please provide feedback if you can.Runtime:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... .0_win.exeSDK:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... .8.0.0.zipYou will NEED these drivers:Nvidia 358.70:https://developer.nvidia.com...

Oculus 0.8 Alpha RC1 [Private]

Hey guys! It's that time again.Oculus Runtime and SDK 0.8 is in Alpha RC1.Runtime:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... .0_win.exeSDK:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... .8.0.0.zipDocs:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... /pcsdk....

Other SDKs?

Any chance we can get some of the other SDKs? Touch most importantly. Would be great to get a head start.Other than that, headstarts on IAP and other platform stuff would be really helpful.Cheers

Oculus 0.7 Alpha (Runtime + SDK) [Private]

Hey guys,The 0.7 Alpha is up!Runtime:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... ic_RC1.exeSDK:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... .0_RC1.zipDocs:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... /pcsdk.pdfAny questions or comments should be in thi...

Annoying warnings...

I'm working on an application with both Vive and Rift support. However, every time I run the application, as soon as I try to init the Vive I see the following...This is super annoying to have to deal with every time I launch my application, and cert...

jherico by Adventurer
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System Specs

Let's use this thread to collect all of our system specs in one place (we can keep a running Google doc attached to the thread as well).

Anonymous by Not applicable
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0.1.0 Unity Utils / alpha

Hey guys,Just switched over to the latest release and Unity 5.1.1p3. The camera orientation thing is fixed between scenes. Great news! The rest, not so much.Still missing random lights in the right eye. Thought it was occlusion culling at first.. now...

Oculus Alpha (Private)

Here is the alpha release of, which introduces queue ahead. See release notes pdf for details.Alpha Release Noteshttps://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... +Alpha.pdf PC Runtimehttps://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... public.exe PC SDK (L...

Half Moon availability for developers

Those controllers are obviously awesome as I just trust the tracking will be excellent. And while I would love to see them bundled I suspect they are the perfect indie market now.So will we be able to track them with the DK2 camera and how long until...

Gerald by Expert Protege
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Oculus SDK & Runtime Alpha Release (RC3)

New private alpha is up (RC3). oculus_runtime_sdk_0.6.0.0_win_RC3.exehttps://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... in_RC3.exeovr_sdk_all_src_0.6.0.0_RC3.ziphttps://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... .0_RC3.zipovr_sdk_win_0.6.0.0_RC3.ziphttps://s3.amaz...

large texture video...

I was just wondering is there anything I can do to work around whatever the sdk is doing to hog the texture throughput (just making assumptions :)) but the highest I can go for a video is 1366x768 without getting judder (framerate loss). in this test...

Oculus SDK & Runtime Alpha Release (RC2)

Main fix in this version is that Extended Mode should now be working again. Please give it a try and report back.ovr_sdk_all_src_0.6.0.0_RC2.zip:https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.oculus. ... .0_RC2.zipovr_sdk_win_0.6.0.0_RC2.zip:https://s3.amazonaws.co...

Mac OpenGL and stuttering

With the new SDK, I don't see any way it will be possible to avoid stuttering if you're using a mirror texture. The examples demonstrate using the mirror FBO by disabling v-sync on the non-Rift display device, so that buffer swapping doesn't trigger ...

jherico by Adventurer
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Oculus SDK & Runtime Alpha Release (RC1)

The new RC1 Oculus SDK is now available to the private alpha tester group.This release is only stable on Direct Mode, so please make sure to be using that for testing.Please download and provide any feedback as this is critical to fixing bugs...

Eye-per-frame mode in 0.6

One optimization technique I've used in ShadertoyVR is the ability to turn on eye-per-frame mode, where each frame renders to one eye buffer only, alternating between left and right. This relies on the use of timewarp to reorient the remaining eye an...

jherico by Adventurer
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Oculus RC6 Posted (Please Share Feedback)

Hey guys,Looking for some last minute feedback on this RC build. Thanks.• Fixed an issue where deferred antialiasing in Unity would result in a black screen• Fixed an issue where forcing sRGB reads caused overexposure in Unity 5.• Disabled monitor re...

Oculus RC4 Posted (Needs Feedback)

Hey guys,Oculus RC4 has been released to the private alpha group! It's very important that everyone here provide feedback over the weekend, as we would like to fix any critical bugs before the public release. Thanks.Windows: https://s3.amazon...

Long Waits in 0.4.3 and 0.4.4 SDK in Direct Mode Present()

Edit: Reposted in "Reporting Issues" forum. Seems like this forum is not checked when there is no Alpha released.I'm working on trying to get "Direct Mode" working properly in Dolphin VR. The frame rate holds steady at 75fps in Extended Mode with no ...

cegli by Honored Guest
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0.4.4 + Unreal Engine 4?

Hi there, today i noticed that you have recently updated the Oculus UE GitHub to comply with the 0.4.4 SDK:https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine(which strangely is still under the 4.5 branch instead of 4.6)Anyway i tried to compile UE from this i...

dx11 integration issue...

I've just started implementing the sdk into my dx11 engine (which has no reference to any dx9 stuff) and when i compiledto build the engine it gave me errors...c:\program files (x86)\microsoft directx sdk (june 2010)\include\d3d9.h(2662) : error C206...

video effecting headtracking

I've just come it an issue not sure what is causing it. I guess it may just be hardware related but thought I'd mention it.my system spec are in the thread about it. using my plain directx9 engine (dx9 multithread device enabled for video), dshow for...

Misc. Issues.

1) Builds check against runtime version?Not sure if this is the case (testing now), but if I make a build with the SDK and the 0.4.4 runtimes installed, does it check when the user runs the app for the 0.4.4 runtimes? If so, why? What happens...

Direct mode doesn't switch off DK2

In Direct Mode, when I run a DK2 application (except Dolphin VR), and exit that application, the DK2 always stays switched on, with the blue light on and the image locked on the screen. Pressing the DK2 power button to turn off the DK2 and then turni...

2EyeGuy by Adventurer
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What's the trick for making OpenGL Direct to HMD work?

Like most people, I can't work out how to get OpenGL Direct to HMD mode to work in a smaller window. The window only shows the bottom left corner of the backbuffer without any scaling, and the DK2 shows exactly what the window shows.In theory it shou...

2EyeGuy by Adventurer
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