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Installer gave me two errors

I got two errors running the installer.First, it said something like a reboot is pending, reboot your computer before running the installer. But the installer continued installing after that.Next, I think it said "This app requires the 1.2.x version ...

2EyeGuy by Adventurer
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Preliminary SDK 0.4.4 RC4 Feedback

I've finished integrating and testing the 0.4.4 RC4 SDK with Dolphin VR. The integration was fairly smooth. I only had to change the name of one variable (ovrRenderAPIConfigHeader->RTSize was changed from ovrRenderAPIConfigHeader->BackBufferSize), wh...

cegli by Honored Guest
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Judder in OculusRoomTiny

I get judder in OculusRoomTiny (x64, release, run outside visual studio), and every other application, in both direct mode and extended mode.I know my computer is a bit old, but I would have thought something as undemanding as OculusRoomTiny could ru...

2EyeGuy by Adventurer
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What's new

Here's a partial list of what's new. I'll update this when I notice some more things:* You must have the 0.4.4 runtime installed, or it won't work, and the error message isn't very helpful "This app requires the 1.2.x version of the Oculus Display Dr...

2EyeGuy by Adventurer
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Directx9 Direct Mode.

I did have a question regarding Direct Mode in directx9 and was hoping someone may enlighten me about it. I've not once been able to get it to work. my engine doesn't crash or anything but I get D3DERR_INVALIDCALL on all meshes and textures etc... an...

Github repository

Hi all. Thanks to Oculus for the invite, looking forward to fast iteration.I wanted to mention that in addition to the public Github repository I maintain for the Oculus SDK, I also have a private repository I used during a Linux beta program. Anyone...

jherico by Adventurer
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Error building on OSX 10.10

Filed as https://github.com/jherico/OculusSDKPrivate/issues/13Building from the command line or from the provided XCode project on OSX 10.10 gives me the following errorFAILED: /usr/bin/c++ -isysroot /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platfor...

jherico by Adventurer
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