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Tracker problems on Win10 with 0.9?

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We have seen some issues where the old sensor driver wasn’t properly deleted when updating Windows and then updating Oculus and it needs to be deleted manually and then reinstalled.

The second step below wasn’t necessary for all instances.
If you are seeing a lack of position tracking, errors with tracking etc can you give the below a go and let us know if it helps.

"I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. After upgrading, Positional Tracking was not working. Multiple restarts, unplugging/replugging hardware, using alternate USB ports, and uninstalling/reinstalling with the latest installer did not resolve the issue.

It appeared that the pre-existing Windows 7 "Oculus Rift Sensor Driver" was still being used and attempts to upgrade the driver were being ignored. Attempting to manually uninstall it through Windows Add/Remove programs would also fail.

In order to resolve the issue, I ultimately had to forcibly remove the driver by shutting down the OVR service, selecting "Oculus VR Devices -> Rift Sensor" in Device Manager, choosing Uninstall, and selecting "Delete the driver software for this device.". After that, unplugging/replugging the Tracker delisted it from the "Oculus VR Devices" section.

At this point, installing the correct Windows 10 driver was still failing due to the lingering registry keys from the old installer. To resolve that, the following keys had to be deleted:




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Some additional steps if this didn't solve your tracker problems already:

- Uninstall the runtime/sdk/anything Oculus
- Reboot
- Plug in a tracker and go into the windows device manager
- Where does the tracker show up?
o If the tracker driver has really been uninstalled, with the firmware they have, it should show up under the “Imaging Devices” category (as “CV1 Camera” I believe)
o If the tracker driver has *not* been uninstalled, it will show up under the “Oculus VR Devices” category.

If the tracker driver is not being fully uninstalled a workaround is to force uninstall the driver.

- Right-click on the device in device manager and select “Uninstall”. You will then see a pop-up which allows them to check a box for “Delete the driver software for this device”. Check that box and click ok.
- Reboot and re-run the device manager test and ensure it shows up under “Imaging Devices”. Assuming that’s the case, you can then re-install the SDK.