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3DNA - 3D Virtual Desktop "Room"

Did anyone see/use the 3DNA desktop back in the day?
I want to say it was around 2002, but it's since gone the way of the Dodo, but I feel like some kind of similar desktop implementation would appeal to the VR crowd.

All I can really find on the program anymore is a few small reviews and links...

Ohh sure you lose a lot of ease-of-use and speed of functionality, but you can't tell me you haven't pondered the idea of a 3D-virtual room to replace your current 2D desktop interface.

Like I said, it's old, incompatible with today's OSes, and I'm pretty sure the company is dead... But with the advent of new VR and 3D-navigation technology... Something like this could make a come back no?

Honored Guest
I can not agree more with you!

I'm loving 3DNA since 2003 and was very disappointed it left us fans in the cold dark. In 2007 the company went bust it seems. Sad for them, they really made a nice product, not so much technically but you know exactly what I mean.

So, I'm a HUGE fan of 3D systems. Maybe you want to check out some others like:

-Rooms3d (poor!)
-OpenCroquet (quite ok, but old)
-OpenCobalt (based on OpenCroquet , this I have some fun with, but it crashes so many times, on different machines, very unstable 😞 )

Perhaps you would like to revisit 3DNA and ALL of it's worlds, as you may know, 3DNA is never cracked and eSellerate blacklisted the serial that TRSh released. Have a loot at , this forum features a unlocker for the registered v1.x version, the full Ultimate edition with 12 worlds and even Macromedia Director component updates!

If you know more of these 3DNA like apps please do post them here!