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API Error - Can't upload PCVR Rift build via Meta Quest Developer Hub

Expert Protege

Hello! I need some help from Meta's engineering team.

I am unable to upload a PCVR (Rift) build of my VR game via the Meta Quest Developer Hub (MQDH). I have a working VR app that runs just fine on PC via Quest Link or AirLink (created via Unity 2022 LTS + OpenXR). However, when I try to upload my app build via MQDH, I get a non-descriptive "API Error" and it points me to a log file. I have attached a screenshot of the error below. I can't attach my log file here because it contains sensitive information, however I am happy to provide it to Meta privately (please let me know the best way to do this).

Some additional context: I am using Unity 2022.3.7f1 LTS and I am using the OpenXR runtime via Unity's XR Plug-in Management system. I have both a Quest version and a Rift version of the same app. If it matters, I have *not* imported the Oculus Integration because I am using the new OpenXR runtime and Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit, as is recommended when using OpenXR. The Quest version of my app uploads just fine via MQDH and passes all automated tests. But when I attempt to upload the PCVR build for my Rift version of my app, I get an "API error".

Could someone from Meta please let me know what to do in order to successfully upload a PCVR app build for the Rift version of my app? I am happy to provide you with my log file also. It is very important that I support both Quest and PC. Thank you!


Expert Protege

@MetaQuestSupport could you please have an engineer take a look at this? At this point I've gone ahead and implemented the Platform SDK (ONLY the Platform SDK - by importing from the asset store and deselecting everything but the "Platform" folder because I'm using OpenXR and Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit) and I have the entitlement check working, can grab the username, etc. The Quest version of my app uploads just fine and passes all automated tests. But the upload to PCVR Rift via the MQDH app fails with the error described in my original post. Is MQDH completely broken for Rift apps? Or is there something else at play here? I really need some support. Thanks!

Expert Protege

@MetaQuestSupport @Ryanality Apologies for the tag, but could you please confirm with a member of the engineering team that PCVR Rift app uploads are currently broken for the Meta Quest Developer Hub PC app? Thanks!


I have the exact same error where the game builds fine and runs fine with the built exe file, but fails to upload on the MQDH PCVR alapha channel. Still looking for a solution.