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Any way to keybind PC keys to some of the controls buttons?


I use the meta to play SteamVR games via Quest link (virtual desktop doesn't work exactly because controllers are messed up and can't change, yes i tryed the keybind in steamVR app)


I can use more or less the Quests controller, except, left and right are mirrored in games that use keyboard and mouse (PC) despite being VR supposed 


Some of the VR games, use WASD (PC letters) to move around. Meaning i am stuck, need to put down the Quest controler and use a different controller (xbox) where I have keybinded the joystick to be WASD Via steam


So here is the thing, how can I remap the buttons? Like right joystick (quest) is perfect for VR use. And left one, everything to be PC keyboard (so joystick to be WASD, XY and the 2 bigger bottoms will be separe PC keyboard keys).