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Asynchronous Spacewarp causing frame tear

Honored Guest

Hi, I get strange image tears on Quest2 when the framerate drops under 1/2 of the refresh rate. For example here is a 30° snap turn :




I narrowed it down to the Asynchronous Spacewarp (the reprojection made by the Oculus OpenXR runtime) using Oculus Debug Tool, since there is no problem when disabling it through the Oculus Debug Tool and launching the game with it :


I use a build of my game on Windows10 using Unity 2021.3.7f1 (last LTS), Universal Render Pipeline (Dx11), OpenXR Plugin 1.4.2 (last version installed from the XR Plug-in Management).

1) Any idea what's happening there or how to fix it? My understanding is that the last received frame should be reprojected indefinitly until a new one is received, but should never tear, so this is bugging me. The pipeline uses the default forward renderer so there should be no motion vectors sheninigans.
2) Is it possible to disable ASW for a few frame, or for the whole build I ship?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We would love to assist you with this. At this time we would like for you to reach out to our support team here so that we can look into this for you.