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Considerations for VR developers: Augmented Virtuality / Multitasking

Honored Guest
Recently I've been reflecting my own experiences as a VR developer, which motivated me to write a short article concerning the following three topics that I consider to be important: 

1. Justification for VR
2. Social VR
3. Augmented Virtuality / Multitasking

Particularly the 3rd point is something that is not obvious:

"According to a study by Foehr (2006), American teenagers frequently consumed another media while playing video games; 41% of the total time spent on video games involved such multitasking."
"In non-VR games the players can cope with the boredom [induced by the game] by simultaneously engaging some additional activity."
"Due to the reality-occluding nature of head-mounted displays, VR developers need to see extra effort to provide similar multitasking capacities that are implicitly present in non-VR games."

I then go on to describe ways that allow "in-app multitasking":

"HTC and Valve were smart to allow some real-world multitasking by equipping the Vive headset with a camera. This augmented virtuality implementation allows the user to utilize their keyboard and grab their drink while wearing the headset."
"VR developers could allow user-specified 2D streams into their application: video screens, browser tabs, and 2D applications. This is somewhat analogous to custom radio stations of GTA games, which allowed players to listen to their own music while playing."

Hopefully these and other points in the article act as food for thought for other VR developers.