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Enable Quest 2 or Quest Pro to swap between Standalone Home Hub and Desktop Oculus Home


For us Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro users connected to PC VR through Airlink/Link on the desktop application — is there a method to toggle between desktop and standalone oculus home?

(Without shutting down the desktop application running)

If not, I believe there would be a great benefit to allowing users of the Oculus Desktop App to swap to the Oculus Home (standalone).

  • To mute ourselves or end calls in the Oculus Party Call that may take place with our friends who do not have PC VR and can't take a call in Discord or other third-party application.
  • Check the battery percentage (the bar option isn't reliable)
  • Initiate standalone software updates

Additionally, perhaps Meta should release a standalone piece of software to log in and start an Oculus Party call outside of the Desktop Application so users of the Rift S can hop into calls with users on a Quest 2.

  • This would be great and help boost the desktop experience so we're not left out of voice calls/multiplayer connectivity.

Honored Guest

I agree, this would be very helpful