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Level 2
How about Havok integration? It looks like a pretty cool engine, and I like a lot of the games that have been done with it. (e.g. Dead Rising). It also offers a free start for developing, although if your game earns more than $10,000 USD, then you have to start paying.

I would like to work with Oculus + Havok. Could that be possible in the near future?

Level 3
I have setup the DK1 in Havok, and I know they have a few samples in Project Anarchy and Havok 2013, but the original setup was not super easy. I had to get a custom shader from Havok support and went back and forth with them trying to get it to work in my Havok 2012 project... And as far as I know they are planning on supporting the OVR in their latest updates and we are currently working together to the 0.4.1 SDK going.