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I want to know more about the rift motion sensor.

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1.  In the case of vive, i can implement room scale with only two sensors.
     I wonder if rift needs to have at least some motion sensors.

2. I wonder why the internet needs at least four to implement a room scale using a rift motion sensor.
3. I want to know  the difference between vive's motion sensor and rift's motion sensor.

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Welcome to the Oculus forums.


To give you some information surrounding the answers that you have asked in order:


  1. The Rift comes with a Constellation Tracking Sensor, which is required for accurate 360 headset tracking.  Purchasing the Touch controllers will include an additional Constellation Tracking Sensor to ensure accurate tracking of the multiple objects (headset included) being used.


  1. While there is no hard limit to the amount of sensors you theoretically can utilize, it was demonstrated at the Oculus Connect 3 conference that three sensors are required for a true occlusion free room-scale experience.


  1. The Rift uses what is called a Constellation Tracking System.  Through a series of blinking infra-red lights these track in unison the location, positioning, and direction orientation of the headset.  These are interpreted by sensors located both on the front and back of the HMD. The Vive uses two Lighthouse base stations, which also enable room scale via a light flashing system (60 times per second).  The Lighthouse base stations also include two internal spinning lights that independently of each other frequently update tracking information regarding the headset.