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Incorrect PerfHud app timings.

Honored Guest
Have finally got around to moving my OpenGL app from 0.4.4 to and performance has degraded significantly. I see there's another thread about this, but I thought I'd investigate the perfhud to double-check I wasn't doing anything stupid.

The Jury is out on my stupidity as all the app to x timings are showing ridiculously large (and obviously incorrect) values.

The docs state 'App to Mid - Photon' (for example) is the time between ovrHmd_GetTrackingState() and the frame being displayed.

This clearly isn't the case in my app as ovrHmd_GetTrackingState() is called every frame and the frames are getting displayed in a reasonably timely fashion. Although the output is a bit juddery, it's not minutes-per-frame juddery as the HUD would suggest.

Just wondering if this is a bug, if I'm doing something silly, or there's something else I need to call to initialise the timing stats?

All the other timings have sane values, it's just the app-to-x times that are out.

Probably just missing something, but if someone could point out what that something is it'd make me happy!

Honored Guest
Ah my mistake, was sending the current time rather than the value for the frame midpoint to ovrHmd_GetTrackingState()
Still seeing reduced performance, but at least my dropped frames are correctly reported now.