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Is there a way to disable (async) timewarp like there is for async spacewarp?

I noticed that you can pass the --DisableTimewarp flag to the OculusMirror tool to disable timewarp (I assume both normal and async). This is useful because it lets you record VR video without black fringes. And it is possible to turn off ASW using the OculusDebugTool. I want to be able to turn off timewarp for VR video recording that doesn't use the OculusMirror tool - is this possible?

(Obviously this would just be for my own recording and not something I would be shipping in an app.)

To be more precise, I want to display a mirror texture that has not had timewarp applied - so actually I don't want to disable timewarp for the image displayed in the headset (though that would be fine as well for my purposes), but rather don't want to see it in the mirror texture.

EDIT: okay, on further reflection I should be able to just hack my app to display the submitted eye buffers to the mirror window rather than using the mirror texture, which should work for my purposes.

I do have the same question. How to disable Asynchronous TimeWarp (ATW)?

I am also interested how you did change the submitted camera to oculus mirror? I try Oculus spectator ( but it is not maintain and  doesn't work anymore on Quest 2.