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Keep Quest 2 running while not wearing it

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I'm developing a multiplayer VR game and I bought a Quest 2 to use as a second player. I am developing on PC with Unity and OpenXR, and I'm doing test runs on the Quest 2 via Air Link. This is great because I can just hit play in Unity and have the Quest 2 in game right away.


My problem is that the Quest 2 does not stay running reliably when I'm not wearing it. I want to be able to set it down and put on another VR headset while having the Quest 2 remain connected to Air Link and keep tracking. Instead at the same time the Oculus Debug Tool's Mirror will spontaneously go black and the Quest 2's power light will turn off. I don't think it's getting disconnected from Air Link because if I press the power button it comes right back into the session.


I have changed the system settings to leave the display on for 4 hours, and I've tried turning on Bypass Proximity Sensor Check in the Oculus Debug Tool. I wasn't able to find anything else that looked like it would help.


What can I do to make this setup work? I can't wear two VR headsets at once, so I need to be able to keep this one running and tracking while I'm not wearing it. Ideally while also charging as I hope to leave it in this state for hours at a time.






The option has moved to the Meta Developer Hub. As of today, I am using the feature, and it works. It does not work when using the old Oculus Debug Tool. I am also using the Meta Quest 2.