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Meta Pro Face & Body tracking in PCVR

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Dear mates,

I'm designing an experience for the Meta Pro device in which I nees to use eye tracking, face tracking and body tracking. I'm using Unity 3D software for the development of the experience and the Meta Quest Link app. Until the last update of Oculus Link App, I was able to use eye, face and body tracking data in Play Editor of Unity. However, with the last update, the configure options related to this terms have dissapeared from the Version Beta config tab in the Oculus Link App. At the begining I though that it was included in the general track and it'salways accesible for the Link environment. However, now i cant get data in Unity editor Play mode ("Failed to start eye tracking" - Unity Warning). Do you know how to configure Meta Quest Link app and Unity in order to use it again? (In the headset the eye, face and body tracking is active)

Also, do you know if it's possible to use this data in other Link apps like Virtual Desktop or SteamVR?

My Meta Quest Link version is 65.0.499.343 (Test channel active) and Unity 2022.3.22



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey hey @olidepalma. We know you're having issues using Unity with Quest Link. To void any further hiccups in your VR experience, we're glad to offer you some support that can help get things rolling smoothly again. Though we can't provide any info about using Unity with Steam VR, we can provide you with some insight that you'll find in the link here that gives you some ins and outs about using Meta Quest Link  and Unity. This may also help you answer the question about using Unity with Virtual Desktop. If you have anything specific you need assistance with regarding your headset, don't hesitate to ask! We hope the link was helpful and are looking forward to your response. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

hey hey @olidepalma. We just wanted to swinging by here again to see if you had the chance to apply any of the troubleshooting and set up steps listed in the article? No rush! Still looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Hi @MetaQuestSupport !
Thanks for your quick response. I've check your info and the link with the config settings. I've everything set correct but in my Meta Quest Link app there is not any option related to "Developer Runtime Features" in the Beta tab (or any other tab). As this option doesn't appear in my menu I can't continue with the settings of the "feature support over Link". Please can you tell me how to make that options appear? thanks!
(My Quest Pro headset is set as developer and it has activated all the developer options)

Hi! @MetaQuestSupport  Please could you help me? I'm really stuck in this point. I've checked every step that you recommended me and everything is correctly set up. I don't know why I can see the developer options related to eye tracking and body tracking in the Beta Tab. Thanks