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Min Spec Questions for Developers

Expert Protege
Am trying to address min-spec compatibility with a gtx 970.  From reading the forums here and elsewhere, most advice seems to be 'find a gtx 970 to test on'.  makes sense.  however, they are harder to find now, overpriced because they are somewhat dated given the life-cycle of graphics cards, and i'm also curious to know if the vr market still has ample gtx 970's in action?

My alternative was potentially to test on a gtx 1060-3gb which seems to have similar specs compared against a gtx 970 based on, (and what i happen to have sitting around) but also not sure if those test results with lost frame capture tool, etc, will yield accurate results.  

advice in the matter is appreciated!  also, any thoughts on when min-spec might be updated since the gtx 970 was from 2014?

[EDIT] testing on the 1060 3GB card was fine to pass nvidia, however this doesn't pass the amd spec, so will continue to look into AMD testing for min-spec.