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Minor bug in Locomotion sample #20

The SDK v1.19.0 includes these new locomotion demos. One of them seems to have a bug: the example 20/32 (counter-movement with yellow artificial world) uses the correct translation (inverse movement) but incorrect rotation (double the rotation, instead of an inverted rotation, like previous examples use).

I have tested again, and you are absolutely right.

What happens is that, if you look at the alternate shapes/world, it can look like it is moving at twice your own speed IF you consider the alternate world is moving relative to the main/foreground world. This is the 'doubling' I was talking about.

This of course applies to both translation and rotation, and to all of the "Counter Optic Flow" experiments (not just #20). And has nothing to do with the experiment being right or wrong, it's just an interpretation of what's going on in the screen.

Not sure if my explanation will be of any help, but in any case, thanks for the correction, and apologies for wasting your time.