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Oculus Dash Support for Multiplayer Experiences

Level 2
The documentation states that applications supporting Dash should "pause, mute audio playback, and stop rendering any tracked controllers" when the Dash menu is active. 

Does the requirement to "pause" a multiplayer experience includes pausing all other users' movements? Or in pausing the Dash user's input, actions, and audio sufficient? If the user is on a "railroaded" experience with other players, can they continue through the experience or will we be forced to disconnect them? 

Similarly, are we required to mute all audio communication or if we can leave party voice chat active? 


Level 4
They don't really seem to enforce any of this and instead ask you to do what works best for your experience. My game for example pauses all input and movement, but will still play all audio. For multiplayer you probably want to pause the input too, but keep everything else running.
It states: "Note: For multiplayer games, you might want the game to continue without pausing."