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Oculus app not working / black window / rendering?

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Hi guys,

I was trying to install the PC App today. The installation worked quite fine. The moment when the VR says to establish the link in the VR and the rest have to be done on the Computer, my Oculus App starts.

This is how it looks like:

I've updated the NVidia graphics driver and repaired the Oculus app. What else can I do? My firewall is off and there is no Virus Defender installed, the active Virus control from Windows is off.


EDIT: Reddit Thread with official oculus support statement:

EDIT2: Use Oculus Tray Tool to restart or kill the service, works fine for me, while troubleshooting back and forth.
Download Link here:

EDIT 3: I have added another mirror for Support.rar, Oculus Tray Tool and USB Deview:

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It Hurts me, but also brings me peace that it's not just an issue i'm having...

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ive put a ticket in but no telling how long that will take, really dumb that i cant play any of my pc vr games when i just bought a pc so i could.......


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Facing the same issue as well...

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i bought the rifts s yesterday. When i got it i downloaded the oculus setup and when i picked my avatar this happened to me i have been trying for hours to fix this with nothing working. hope this gets fixed

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yeah its happening to me too. the grey screen of death,

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No solution in the thread, but they state they are looking into it at least.

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same issue

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  • Check if the pc app you installed is the right one. You have the pc app for Quest, Quest 2, Rift, Rift S, ...
  • You can manually check if the oculus is missing any update through the mobile  app or headset.
  • Check if the windows 10 is updated.
  • Check for you pc compatibility regarding the oculus device you are using.
  • Remove all unnecessary devices from your computer and try to plug the oculus directly without using an adapter. This is because sometimes there isn't enough power reaching out for the headset.
  • You can always send your log files and acc information (email associated with your oc acc) and they are fairly quick with the answer. I believe you also have german support.

The app turns grey immediately after you login to your oculus and its not even connected to the quest yet.

so pc compatibility doesn't matter at this point.

windows 10 always auto updates so I don't see any connection to the problem.

Every one of us has the same problem across the board so the oculus application is the problem not our PCs.

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is this from a new software update or something or has this grey screen been happening to people forever? I just got my oculus today