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Official Unreal + Leap Motion Plugin!

Level 4
Hey everyone,

With the release of Unreal Engine 4.7, Epic and Leap Motion have joined forces to create an official plugin! This introductory Windows plugin enables developers to quickly and easily add virtual hands to their games.

Right now, the plugin is available exclusively through the UE4 source code. Follow the steps in our documentation to access Unreal’s GitHub repository. From there, you can download the source code, build it, and start creating an amazing experience for desktop or VR!

Some links relevant to your interests:

This is just the first release, and we have a lot of exciting work ahead of us. Be sure to weigh in with your feedback and feature requests!

Level 5
This is super cool Alex. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on the Unreal Engine home page last night. Hopefully the issues my particular Motion Controller has can be cleared up (does support do replacements?) and we can benefit from this integration in our project.

There is no replacement for hands in VR. Even if they are jumpy.

Level 4
During the 3D Jam, we had such a massive outpouring of support for an official plugin, we knew we had to make it happen 😄

Did you have the chance to submit a tracking report through the Leap Motion Control Panel so we can diagnose? If the problem is with the hardware, we will absolutely replace it. We're also in the process of implementing major tracking improvements -- just with the latest release, there's enhanced initialization of hands and improved support for different hand shapes and sizes. We're pretty excited about that latter one, as hand size often varies from user to user.