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PCVR / wired quest 2 hand tracking

Level 2

Can oculus please, please enable hand tracking when using PCVR? There are some games, like DCS World, that would benefit greatly from it. Being able to reach out and activate buttons and switches with your actual hands would be awesome. Or just giving us the option to emulate quest 2 controllers with our hands would be pretty great.


Level 2

I completely agree with your opinion. Its in fact a great idea and i will try to explore it and will share my findings here.

"How can you emulate the joystick with hand tracking ? "

Virtual Desktop does this, it allows you to use hand tracking as if holding a real controller, so you can use joysticks, steering wheels or keyboard and mouse at the same time as playing a PC VR game that only supports Touch controllers. It's very simple to do: you just pass the hand pose as if it were the controller. All the other buttons and interactions you lose by using hand tracking you can get back easily using physical controllers on PC.

Meta also supports hand / controller interaction swapping on Oculus Home, as well as through the body tracking API, so as you put controllers down suddenly all the finger joints aren't just estimates based on the capacitive touch or trigger/grip values, but actual positions. But it's seamless, if you support the body tracking in your app, the app doesn't know or need to care that the user grabbed their controllers, everything still works and all the finger bones are still there. 

It should be obvious why this is a good thing: it makes lives for devs much easier and lets you focus on what counts.

HOWEVER: If anyone else wants hand tracking on PC through OpenXR, you can get finger poses now through the body tracking API. It may not be as good or generic as the other hand tracking extension and libraries, but at least it's there and works now.

What doesn't work on PC is eye tracking suitable for foveated rendering on PC. They only support the social eye tracking API on PC which is filtered data, so you can't really do foveated rendering with it. Or at least not as effectively. I refunded my Quest Pro for this reason, it was completely useless to me. Meta needs to start listening to actual devs on its forums instead of dismissing our needs exist. I paid 2300$ for my Quest Pro and after three months of coding its features, Meta still wouldn't commit to actually supporting it on PC. Totally unacceptable.