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PCVR / wired quest 2 hand tracking

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Can oculus please, please enable hand tracking when using PCVR? There are some games, like DCS World, that would benefit greatly from it. Being able to reach out and activate buttons and switches with your actual hands would be awesome. Or just giving us the option to emulate quest 2 controllers with our hands would be pretty great.


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I'll second that


Oculus made a lot of tools for hand tracking, the problem is not from Oculus, app devs need to add hand tracking to their app. But it need a new interaction system wich can't be done by oculus itself : How can you emulate the joystick with hand tracking ? 

The second problem is dev don't want to make PCVR games with hand tracking only, they will lost all Oculus Rift & HTC Vive owner that's why all hand tracking app are on the oculus store & App lab.


So don't wait to have hand tracking on your app, make them yourself 😉 

DCS already has hand tracking in game.  I don't know about the OP, but I definitely don't own Eagle Dynamics, who owns DCS.  What DCS doesn't have is Oculus hand tracking because Oculus hasn't enabled it in PCVR so they don't have built in support yet.  Quest 2 hand tracking works with VD sort of but it's spotty..  Specific to DCS and Rift, the Rift users generally don't want anything to do with a Quest/Quest 2 so they don't care about the Quest 2s hand tracking capability. And people like me have to look at 3rd party options like Leapmotion because of my setup requiring me to use Link for charging as well as bitrate issues with Air Link. No hand tracking with Air Link either which I just tried to do again last night.  So unless you know how to get the Quest 2 to allow hand tracking with Link in Oculus' own PC software, your comments aren't very helpful.  

Hand tracking when connecting an Air Link is simply necessary for some applications. Moreover, it works if you run the application on a PC in Editor Unreal Engine through Viewing VR. But when you release the app (for PC) and launch it to Oculus2 via Air Link, hand tracking will no longer be available. I really don't want to come up with something with Leapmotion because it's not ergonomic. What for? If you can just give developers the opportunity to use hand tracking via Air Link.

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Completely agree. I can not understand why they don`t implement it. I was waiting for the connect to have news about this, but I haven`t seen any aupdate yet. Does anybody knows if Oculus is planning to do it? I wrote Oculus team developers last month and they told me to keep an eye on website to check if there is any announcement. You can do it on the editor but not on a package version. I can`t understand why. I suppose it would be an strategic decision. But why? After coding a lot of interactions and habilities for oculus hand tracking, now I am force to move to leapmotion. It has no sense. Oculus hand tracking is much better than leapmotion one, but I need it in PC. Please, does anybody has any update about it?


It would be definitely great if we could use hand tracking in PC built applications ( exe file) for quest2.
Just like we can use it in Unity or Unreal editor.

If there is a corporate decision that it should not be allowed ( for what ever reason), please tell us that 🙂

If there is a chance that developer team is going to make it happen in future, please tell us that too  🙂 🙂
There is a great opportunity to harvest PC power and to use Quest2 hand tracking!!!
Best of the both worlds!!!




Makes no sense, we will likely move to another headset because of this. The leap motion is great when it works but mostly just a pita. It's a shame really. I was also pretty pissed when I implemented the hand tracking in our training app only to find that it did not work in the built version.


I sure double that.... DCS World would be great to see support for hand tracking and in that run you most likely also would be abel to hit hand tracking for MSFS 2020 and X-Plane. Sure could be wonderfull to flip those switches just using my hand and Quest 2. Please, Oculus, make this a goal to forfill in near future and have hand tracking working through Air Link and Link Cable....

I was a first mover here in Denmark back when Track IR came out in USA and still use it today, but please, lets see hand tracking for PCVR in Quest 2 also 🙂

Keep up all the good work. It sure is wonderfull to be a gamer after more then 40 years starting back on Commedor VIC 20....


Regards Jan Nielsen, Denmark