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Passthrough on PCVR?


Hi! I want to know if passtrough will be available on PC. This will be very useful on simulation software, to see a real control board and touch real buttons, steering wheel and joysticks.


Oculus quest 2 isn't the best platform for simulation because low performance, so this need to be on PCVR



If you're referring to PCVR on the Rift or other PC-Tethered headsets, I'm pretty confident the answer to your question is "no". The stand-alone headsets are where the technology is heading right now, and I'm not seeing many new features being developed for the PCVR hardware platforms. To me, the stand-alones are a much better platform for the passthrough/AR technology - specifically because they are mobile and un-tethered, opening up the whole world to be "augmented" as opposed the only the world seen from the vicinity of your PC. That being said, I'm a huge simulation fan, as you seem to be. One of the reasons the mobile devices are getting more attention is because they are capable of both stand-alone VR *AND* streaming PCVR, so I'm sure PC-based VR will continue to be popular to accommodate the more demanding software like simulations. Maybe eventually some PC XR library will be available to drive wireless PC VR streaming apps where the processing happens on the PC, including the depth data from the headset, and then the experience is streamed to the headset, which could add the AR/passthrough video. 


Check this one out.
It is using Virtual Desktop and Reality Mixer in Steam.
I would like to see this built into the Quest 3 Link natively as I use MSFS 2020 non steam version and I have full dash/control panel with Yoke and Throttle quadrant for my sim.
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Hi, did you find a solution for this now, I also need to use the passtrough function in a package on top of a pc!

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I also need this! 😣