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Question during Hand Tracking Testing in Unity

Honored Guest

Hello. I am attempting to develop PCVR-based content using Unity. The device I am using is the Quest 3, and the Unity version is 2022.3.7f. The current setup is as shown in the image below.


I have already added XR Interaction Toolkit (2.4.3) and XR Hands (1.2.1) from the PackageManager, and I have confirmed that there are no errors. I am trying to test the HandsDemoScene among the provided demo scenes. While hand tracking does occur when my hands are in front of the HMD without controllers, the issue is that the hands are not rendered; instead, controllers are rendered (the first problem).

Consequently, when I forcibly enable hand modeling, the hands appear, but they don't follow the finger movements as in this video( Instead, they adopt a predetermined hand shape based on saved hand gestures (the second problem).

If you have any insights into these two issues, please share them.