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Questions about stable FPS and recommended specs

Honored Guest
Hi there,

We got some feedback requiring our Unity game to perform at 90 fps on Rift and 80 fps on Rift S; is it required to perform at this level for all quality settings?
The graphics options in the game enable to player to choose between different graphical qualities (from low to ultra) and can toggle various camera effects (anti-aliasing, bloom, SSAO, etc.).
So do we need to ensure that a solid 90/80fps framerate for both the lowest possible quality settings as well as for the highest possible quality settings?

Also regarding the recommended PC specs, it mentioned it needs to be a solid framerate for an AMD 290/GTX 970; how can we ensure this without having these specific PC parts as we are just a small indie company? Do we just need to buy these and test on them?
Or can we just change these recommended specs to some more powerful GPUs (e.g. GTX 1070) or is that too high to recommend for an Oculus Store App? And again, is performance to be measured on the lowest/highest quality settings?

Any help is appreciated!