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Recent performance issues

Towards the end of December I was finishing up the intro of my VR game.  The intro is just 5 minute ride introducing the story and environment they are about to experience in the actual game.  It is built inside of UE4 (4.23).  During the intro normal controls are turned off so they can't interact with the ride aside from looking around with their head. This intro was going to be my teaser reveal for my game as well.  I polished it up rather well I like to think. Before December wrapped up I backed the project up across my various devices as it was a big milestone for my project. Everything ran well.  No frame hitches, no audio skipping, no tracking issues from performance.  

I took a couple weeks off at this point for health reasons.  It was supposed to be a good stopping location.  Upon returning (a couple days ago) I have noticed that with the recent Oculus updates (forced) that performance changed in my intro.  Now I get frame hitches, audio skipping, and tracking issues - regularly. What happened?  I wrapped up that intro.  It was done.  No additional work went into it.  Like a nervous school kid I verified it's fluidity 100 times.  It was running perfectly, and now due to some oculus update it does not.  How am I supposed to trouble shoot this as a developer?  It's not like I know what you did under the hood.  

To trouble shoot this on my side I've kept windows updated, same with Nvidia Drivers.  I migrated my project to UE4 4.24.2 hoping that your update was utilizing something in UE4 current.  Still I get regularly hitches.  Not just in my project mind you.  I get them when I put the headset on.  The moment I enter VR I'm getting stuttering that never occurred before. If I open up UE4 in the background - it's nearly unbearable.  

At this point I have no idea what to do.  I know in these situations it's common to blame the other half - UE4.  If there was a way to roll back my oculus version I'm certain my backed up UE4 4.23 version of my project would run flawlessly. What are other developers doing about this?  Are we expected to modify our projects to accommodate the Oculus updates? 

So after running some performance profiling I decided to try the last ditch effort of reinstalling the oculus software.  I'm not a fan of this type of resolve but it actually did work. I had a complete turnaround in performance.  Maybe I should have tried this before the above... Oh well
I'm having the same issue. but the reinstall did not help. i even did the manual uninstall by going into safe mode, deleting all files and reinstall but still have issues. now my home won't load my log generator is generating a log file 66mb with huge error spam that even oculus support can't figure out. I tried to tell them the latest oculus app update is bad but you know they just don't listen so I'm stuck not being able to profile atm because their update is broken af.
unreal 4.23 does not compile properly. 4.24 does compile but maps made in 4.23 can't compile lights now. 
4.24 using vr spectator is broken and button mappings don't work anymore for my project after updating the key bindings to 4.24 mappings. 4.24 = broken