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Sample code for DX9 to DX11 interop - Help needed

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I'm a game developer and I have developed racing games that are still used in motion simulation centres, for several years now : /

I've been using Oculus HMD since the beginning(DK1, DK2, and now CV1). I successfully had the DK2 working in my engine 4 years ago, using the 0.4 SDK. I've been working on a lot of other things since then, and left the Oculus support aside.
A few month ago I got the CV1 and decided to work back on the Oculus support, and discovered that DirextX9 support was dropped !

Ok I know DirectX 9 is 10 years old now, but my games still work very well and a lot of people are having fun on it, and they don't complain about graphical quality...
The thing is, I'm alone dealing with the whole game engine development, and I just can't afford to entirely port my game engine to DirectX 11, as this would require several month of work.

Now I understand why Oculus doesn't care about (very) small developers, but I really think it's unfair (and a very bad move).
Anyway complaining about this move is not the subject here.

I've understood that many developers had to face the same issue, and some of them managed to keep their DirectX9 rendering and to copy the result in a DirectX 11 texture by using shared resource.
So I'm currently trying this solution, but I'm stuck. I've managed to have my DirectX 9 rendering and rendering the small room example at the same time with a DirectX 11 device. So I think I'm close, but I don't know what to do next.
I've found in many places a link to a D9Ex shared resource example, but
the link is dead :
The only doc I've found is here :
But some part of their code is not even compiling, and they just give bits of code...
Has anyone done this kind of thing and could share his code ?
Or maybe Is there anyone in Oculus staff that could help ?



Unfortunately you are correct that DirectX9 has been deprecated as of January 2015.  This decision was made in order to allocate more resources toward DirectX 11 and OpenGL improvements, and pave the way for the best platform experience possible.  The post announcing this decision can be found here:

We realize that it is seldom an easy task to port a project to a newer version of this API.

We look forward to seeing your projects on our platform in the future.