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Suggestion for Quest2 PC-VR Mode (Cable)

Honored Guest

Dear Quest2 / Meta Dev-Team,


for sure i am not the only one having following problem:

I want to play a game via steam on quest 2 and grab my meta quest2 device which is connected by cable by default. I only use the device with cable on my PC - many, maybe most players do that.

Now i press the power button and the device starts in standalone mode.

i manually have to click on several buttons to start the PC-VR Mode and mirror my desktop to the Quest2.

One time thats no problem - even sometimes thats no problem. But for all who plays in Cable-Mode ONLY its a pain in the A§!$%...

It would be much more conveniant if the Device recognizes the plugged in cable and starts in PC-VR Mode by default with a cable connected.

Thats point one. A second point is: Why does Handtracking suddenly stops working when i am in PC-VR Mode?

Only for that reason i have to grab my controller and use it just for clicking on the desktop icon within the oculus home. Also here: Why is that? Basically i need my VR controllers only for that click. I and i am sure many many others would appreciate a hotkey function for display desktop on the Quest 2 so there is no need of grab controller and click on that one button. For example: just hit spacebar and boom - here is your desktop displayed in quest 2 and i can start the steam game i want.


Maybe my ideas match with some others posted here and there is a way to change the software of the quest 2 in a way that makes more sense for many players out there!


Best regards,