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Tracking issues on a Meta Quest Pro in PCVR, Air Link, large surface (200m2)


Hello Meta VR community,

We're encountering intermittent tracking issues with our Meta Quest Pro headsets and are seeking guidance or insights that might help resolve these problems. Here's a summary of our setup and what we've experienced:

  • Equipment and Software: We are using three Meta Quest Pro headsets, purchased weeks apart. Our VR application is developed in C++ using our own engine and leverages the OpenXR API.

  • Usage Environment: The headsets are used in a large 200m2 area for a scientific study. We have disabled physical space management and boundaries to allow free movement across this large area. We use the Air Link mode.

  • Modifications: We've covered the proximity sensor inside the headset (the one that detects if the user is wearing the headset or not) to prevent the VR environment from resetting each time the headset is removed and put back on.

  • Issue Details: Generally, the headsets perform well in 15-25 minute sessions. However, 2-3 times a day, in average all three headsets experience what seems like a tracking loss, resulting in a reference frame shift. Sometimes, the correct tracking resumes within a second; other times, it does not recover by itself. Sometimes there won't be any problem for the whole day, sometimes it looses tracking several times per our.

  • Troubleshooting Done: We've already tried removing boundaries, resetting the headsets, cleaning the lenses, and updating the firmware of both the headsets and the connected PCs. These steps haven't resolved the issue, which also occurs on a Quest 3.

  • Hardware Specifications:

    • PCs: Windows 10 64-bit, Core i7, equipped with GeForce 3080 TI or 4080 GPUs (tested on 2 machines).
    • Networking: WiFi 6E router.
    • VR Headsets: Three Meta Quest Pro headsets, running on v63
    • Lighting: Consistent lighting conditions, with the issue manifesting in two distinct locations.

Given these details, could anyone provide any suggestions on what might be causing these tracking issues or recommend further troubleshooting steps? We're eager to ensure a stable experience and are open to any advice you may have.

Thank you in advance for your support!



Right now I'm trying to produce a video showing the exact issue. Stay tuned.


Here are two videos showing 2 kinds of issues that are both linked to the tracking/slam feature of the headset :

- On this one I recorded a minor decalibration/recalibration/recentering/drifting issues (whatever you call it) within the embedded interface ("meta home"). It shows the tracking angle moving up and down by a few degrees :

- On this one, I recorded our PC app, running on top of Meta Link PC/OpenXR, the most problematic tracking discontinuities we have. It usually occurs for one second, where the headset seems to be sent back to the origin of the area and then jumps back to its proper position (sometimes it won't go back at all) :


Bumping the thread to let you know that we're going to start a new project using the exact same setup.
I will keep posted, if anything goes wrong the same way, or on the opposite if the issue does not occur anymore.



Quick update. We harnessed a laser pointer to the Quest Pro in order to define its initial orientation as accurately as possible. This is mandatory when you walk on more than 200m2, as we define the original orientation matrix of the headset/HMD as the orientation of the whole virtual world.