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V56 and up, Quest Pro Link stability



I've been developing an app at work for PCVR, we're using Quest Pros and extremely high end PCs with one router that has four WiFi bands, hardware is not an issue here, all new and a bit of an overkill performance-wise.

The problems we're having are crashes and stability of tracking when in link, the headsets repeatedly reset and adjust their position as if pressing recenter. We were using spatial anchors before but that can no longer be utilized as they cause our app AND oculus desktop app to crash. We're building on Unreal Engine 5.2 with developer features turned on so we can use hand tracking and anchors on PC.

We tested for what could cause the crashes and found out that it is Quest system version, even with the newest plugin in Unreal the app runs smoothly on v55 but still stashes on v56 and v57. 

Is this a known issue or are we the first to encounter it?

Any help with solving the crashes would be appreciated, we had to code our own provisional spatial anchors for now but the instability with link makes them an unviable option.


Grand Champion

Why not get some base stations? Use Steam? If you're into PCVR and UE5...

Also newest high-end gpus like RTX 4070 - 4090 are not supported - do not go higher than RTX 3090, or you lose Meta support:

I am pushing for outside in tracking solution, either steam trackers or Antilatency. The issue is we aim at movability and quick and easy setup so that option is not viable.

Thanks for the info on the 40 series, I thought they would be supported by now.

Even though, I'm not completely sure it would be graphics that causes problems, if it was that or anything hardware related it wouldn't work the first time. I tested whether it is something in the project but when the app is run natively on the quest pro and even quest 2 it all works perfect, maybe better than on PC, but our selling point are the graphics so Quest native solution falls as well.

Everything points toward the software of the headset being the issue, specifically something present since v56.

Thanks for responding