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Virtual Reality for scientific outreach

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I am a physics PhD student from King's College London and I would to do scientific outreach using Virtual Reality. I am new user to VR and I hoped you might be able to give us some initial information to get started. 


Our target is to simulate astrophysical events from our simulations.  We hope to get simulate movies (> 15 models/sec) of models comparable to (~383.2k faces, ~194.5k vertices). The main question for us is whether we should invest in a Oculus rift or just use a simpler setup with a mobile phone. We hope to use money designated for outreach, so we have to argue why we should spend such a significant amount of money for a Oculus + Compatible PC instead of a mobile phone with a simpler Gear VR.


We are using coding daily for doing science, but we have never used it to work with VR. We have a set of .obj files, which we extracted from our data. What kind of software would be best to create a VR - movie from these files which we could use for outreach -events ? 

About us : 

Two years ago gravitational waves where measured for the first time ( This is one of the most significant discovery of this century and opened a new window to explore our universe using gravitational waves. To say the least, we are very excited about this discovery and hope to share this excitement with other people. Our group specifically does simulations of astrophysical events which we hope will cause gravitational waves. These events are the most violent ones in our universe, examples are colliding black holes or neutron stars. We produce these simulations using supercomputers. We hope to use Virtual Reality to visuale these events to show these very violent and fascinating events. 

any help would be appreciated

Thomas Helfer 

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Dear imperativity, 

thanks for your answer. Just some more general question : 

We are also interested, at a later point, to expand to more computationally expensive application, is there any problems to switch between platforms (Gear VR -> Oculus rift ? ). 

Would such a project best be done in unity ? Or is there any other software which would be better adapted for such a movie project ? 

I unfortunately own only a Samsung S5 neo, which seems not compatible with the Gear VR. What is difference of the Gear VR to other mobile VR headseads, without any additional internal hardware ? Is it worth to buy a new phone + Gear VR ? 

Thanks for any help.