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Wired Oculus Link stutter only in the *right* eye while ASW is triggering


Users of our simulator have been reporting a visual artifact with their Meta headsets.

I've been able to reproduce here. It seems the issue happens indeed only on Meta headsets, only while ASW is triggered (due to low fps), and amusingly, only on the right eye.

A recording of the visual artifacts:

Our custom proprietary engine uses OpenXR directly (this is not based on Unity/Unreal/etc). Our engine is currently building against OpenXR-Loader v1.0.30.

The problem has been replicated at least with a Quest 3, using wired Link connection (official fiber usb cable), and setting Oculus as the default OpenXR runtime.

Is there anything I can do on my side to help solve the issue? Thanks!


Honored Guest

I have the same problem but haven’t managed to solve it yet. I noticed that turning off link sharpening or setting it to normal seems to alleviate the issue but it can be placebo and it’s not a solution anyway.