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Wireless Rift - Yes another one.

So i am currently busy turning my Rift in to a wireless master piece.
All the setup has been done and im currently testing battery life, however there must be a better way then to use batteries.
Currently i need 12 batteries, to run the rift wireless (4 for the Rift, and 8 for the wireless HDMI device).
Does anyone have some advice for me which i can try out to replace the batteries with something else?

Current progress:
Testing battery life on the Wireless HDMI device (Currently running on 8 batteries for 1 hour and 13 minutes (lets see how long they last)).

I highly doubt ill get more then 2/3 hours of battery life on the HDMI device so 8 batteries for 3 hours (estimate) seems a little to steep i think. That is like 5 dollars per session for the HDMI device only (Rift not calculated yet).

Definetly the first thing will be rechargeable batteries, but are there other solutions which i should try out?

Thanks for your time.

there is also a video update:

Ok, so apparently software developement is WAY over my head. Hardware is more my thing. Ive got my XBOX Kinect connected to my pc and ive toyed with building my house but I Have basically zero experience in programming. The few things ive gotten to work is body tracking with the Kinect. This IS a viable option for tracking purposes. The sensor can also be used to map an enviroment.

Whoever asked me about power, the plan was to use multiple sizes of lipo for the receiver, a 4 port usb hub and a few other small odds and ends. Im currently in the design phase. Nothing purchased just yet.

My biggest issue this far just figuring out how to make an acurate house with walls only. At this rate my unity license will expire before my level is designed.

Wireless sounds great!

Eneloop accumulators are very good, and why not keep the HDMI interface device cable bound and just make the headset wireless?

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Im looking at these hyperjuicebatteries and wonder which is best for the ASUS WAVI:

Or would this work: ?

Do you (someone) know which one is the best, or if there is better alternatives?

Kind regards!

Hey @DustmanNorochj! We wanted to let you know we received your PM, and have responded. If you can please check your private messages and get back to us, that would be great!

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I responded, thank you.