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Submit game to the Oculus Rift store error

Hi,i am trying to release my app on the rift store but when i try to upload it throught the developer platform i receive an error,i will attach you the screen.I also received the logs,i could not attach the log file so i recorded this video https://y...

screen error.PNG

Metrics Hud not turning off

Hi, I have a quest 2 and I recently bought a link cable. I was using the "oculus developer hub" to turn on the metrics HUD. this worked fine but whenever I turn on the headset even when it is not connected to the computer the HUD turned on and the on...

Ajeaston by Honored Guest
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Fixing VR Ojects within Meta Quest Link

The Oculus Rift Software (now Meta Quest Link) has had the option to add a VR object since 2017, and the ability to address 4 within the SDK. But the software has only ever allowed for 1, with issues pairing and connecting any more since the day it w...

Development of Metaverse Controllers

I have developed a metaverse controller that simultaneously controls spatial computing devices like Quest and is compatible with controllers of all platforms, available in two types: portable and board. It features an innovative input method where to...

1000012033.jpg 1000012032.jpg 1000012031.jpg

Passthrough on PCVR?

Hi! I want to know if passtrough will be available on PC. This will be very useful on simulation software, to see a real control board and touch real buttons, steering wheel and joysticks. Oculus quest 2 isn't the best platform for simulation because...

PiroKun by Protege
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Passthrough for Native C++ SDK

Hello,Is there a passthrough API for the Oculus Platform SDK? From what I've seen, Meta doesn't seem to provide the passthrough data for privacy reasons. I'd like to do something similar as Unity where we create a composited image. Specifically compo...

dko0313 by Honored Guest
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OVRInput.SetControllerVibration does not vibrate

I am having trouble because OVRInput.SetControllerVibration does not vibrate in the following environment. Unity 2021.3.33f1Oculus Integration v60Platform Windows We have confirmed that it vibrates normally on the Android platform. The situation is t...

Working in tethered mode?

Hey All,We're trying to develop a commercial application that will eventually run on PC (requires high-level graphics) and want to use a Meta Quest Pro as an HMD (using USB tethering). I'm seeing that the connection is possible but recommended in the...

File Mapping for DLC-content with Ovr-platform-util

Hi!I have the following question: How do I specify the directory where DLC files go during the upload for the Rift Platform?This is the given expample in the docs: ./ovr-platform-util upload-add-on --app-id XXX --app-secret YYY --sku ZZZ --file I ne...

Question during Hand Tracking Testing in Unity

Hello. I am attempting to develop PCVR-based content using Unity. The device I am using is the Quest 3, and the Unity version is 2022.3.7f. The current setup is as shown in the image below.I have already added XR Interaction Toolkit (2.4.3) and XR Ha...


Meta Quest for Business and Oculus App

Does anyone know if developing PCVR app is covered by the New "Meta Quest for Business" license? Because for PCVR the installation of the Oculus PC app is mandatory. I cannot find any EULA for this app. Thanks in advance. I want to develop a PCVR app...

Exe working in PC but not executing in headset

I build a PCVR application using the meta all in one SDK. It was supposed to be running on a Windows 10 computer which is capable of running the vr applications. We have set up the oculus link software and Have successfully established a connection b...

ForeExcel by Honored Guest
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Quest microphone, usable in windows

Hi,I would love to be able to use the quest microphone (I'm on quest 2) in windows, straight from startup (Quest Home Screen).I need it for OBS - So I can communicate with my viewers, while streaming (on twitch), without the need to be in any other a...

Eye tracking problem with Quest Pro

Hi,I am developing an experiment in unity where I need to track users' eye movements and record them in a file. We have two Oculus Quest pros and on one of them, OVREyeGaze works perfectly and I am able to track users' eyes and record them. With the ...

ambkh by Honored Guest
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Oculus Home Ambient Noise

Oculus, please allow PCVR users to turn off the ambient noise that plays while using Air Link ( not in "Home"). The sound is obnoxious and shouldn't be playing while users are on their PC and especially not while media is playing.

Understanding performance and workfow..

Hello!i'm a bit confused about differences between PCVR and Deployed APK workflow.. What i understand is that PCVR makes Quest to be used as a second screen (in this case VR screen), so, all the gpu process, computation and logics are made in the com...

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