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Access Performance Statistics via shared memory?

Hi,Is it possible to access the performance statistics as shown in the "Performance Head-Up Display" via something like shared memory? I'm building a telemetry application for a race game and want to include these statistics.Best regards,Maarten Bakk...

Not working Microphone in unity after update oculus

VersionsOculusApp: Sorry, I can not confirm this version.Unity: 2018.3.12f1Windows10: 1903 (OS build. 18362.535)OculusSDK: 1.35.0 <= I confirm from oculus utilities plugin.Not working Microphone in unity after update Ocu...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hi,I've been reading the Oculus SDK documentation and the following caught my eye :"Unlike stereo TVs, rendering inside of the Rift does not require off-axis or asymmetric projection."Looking at the projection matrix formulation (essentially a pre an...

vaspoul by Level 2
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Quest Avatars appear only skin colored.

In Oculus Integration 1.39, we noticed an issue with Avatars on Quest. The entire Avatar is rendering as skin color with some strange artifacts. It appears as if the UV maps have been messed up on the Avatar textures. I can confirm the Oculus Avatar ...

Frame drops with %56 performance headroom

I'm rendering a frame using a custom renderer using DX12, which takes around 5 ms in total for both eyes, so it should be quite comfortable to maintain 90 FPS.Yet, I get these annoying dropped frames every 200 to 400 frames to 87.2 FPS, sometimes 84 ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift S Black Screen on Initial Setup

My Oculus arrived yesterday and while I was going through the set up process I cannot get past the "Continue Set up in VR" Screen shows nothing in the headset just darkness but the sound works fine.When I skipped the process and tried to play a game ...

Issue with version 1.27 and SDK v1.26

Our systems auto-updated to version 1.27 last night. Calls to ovr_GetInputState() now produce values for m_inputState.IndexTrigger[0] that are always 0 no matter how the trigger is positioned. We're using version 1.26 for the SDK (I haven't seen a ne...

bknoth by Level 3
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Congrats Oculus (Oculus Rift S)

I’ve just got to say coming from the DK1, CV1 and now to the Rift S. They nailed it! Almost all of my big annoyances have been fixed with the Rift S (and software advances since last playing 2 years ago).The halo strap makes everything more comfortab...

Verbindungs Problems

Schönen guten Tag.Mein Name ist Samuel und ich bin 15 Jahre Alt.Ich hab die Rift S zu meinem Geburtstag bekommen 16.11 Und konnte sie Perfekt benutzen doch in letzter Zeit funkioniert sie nichtmehr und ich weiß nicht was mit ihr los ist.Ich habe scho...

Razexs by Level 2
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Oculus Gone Silent

I am wondering if it is just me? or has Oculus gone silent for other developers. I can't seem to gain any contact anymore about my game, or about anything else. I have also contacted Oculus Start with no luck. I have sent multiple emails, with the on...

Key Board

If Oculus Touch controllers contains a set of infrared LEDs so you can see Oculus rift controllers in 3D space ,is thereanything that can be added to the keyboard. Maybe a creation of a real world keyboard with infrared LEDs . Playing games like Elit...

Entitlement check callback not triggering?

Hello. I have a basic project set up, have set the avatar app id and platform app id , and am using a test user that i created on the developer website for my app. I am using the following code as shown somewhere in the documentation: using UnityEngi...

Attaching Local Avatar to Player Controller in Unity

I have a problem attaching the avatar prefab for touch controls to the player controller prefab from oculus SDK. I have tried making both prefabs as children of an empty parent object. I tried to make the local avatar a child of player controller and...

Stas054 by Level 2
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Oculus Public server

Hi There,Why is it every time I install Oculus software I get a OVRServer_x64.exe 324220-public running on my PC? I've ticketed Oculus all this week and no one seems to be able to help.

Paulob1 by Level 2
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Oculus GO Ambient Occlusion solution

HelloI would like to get advice from you!I am trying to implement Ambient Occlusion in my GO HMD. I use Postprocessing package. And also tried another assets such as Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion and Volumetric Ambient Occlusion.But no helpful.Hope...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Support of Motion Compensation on Rift CV1 and Rift S

Hi,I was a supporter of Rift (DK2, then CV1) for long date and I will update to 1 next-gen headset.I bought a motion seat and I will receive very soon.I need motion compensation to be able to use my Rift CV1 into my motion seat BUT there is no soluti...

g6r6e6g by Level 2
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Why pulling support for VS2013 on PC SDK 1.43?

All you would have to further support it is leaving the files in place?!! Same for VS2010. I really don't understand your company policy. We produce a plugin and have to link with different VS in our build process.On the other Hand, it is not a big l...


the software states that everything is up to date and working but my headset wont show anything there is nothing produced am I able to fix this

My Install wont work.

Does anyone know how to fix the error message that you have to restart the Pc and try again. I have done this multiple times with no success. It only happens when Im trying to install the oculus app. It gets 2/3rds of the way through the install. Com...

File Zip is not valid

I receive this error when I try to upload a build to our app's Alpha channel.Does anyone know what may cause this, since it's the only piece of diagnostics that the site gives ?The build has been developed with Unreal Engine 4.12Thanks for the attent...

padelu by Level 2
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About cameras in Rift S headset and unity

Hi! before asking, im sorry for my bad english (im from Spain) and im also new working with Unity for Oculus. The point is, we have an Oculus Rift S, and we are working in our own project created in Unity, we want to use the cameras from the headset ...

Cheis10 by Level 2
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Blocking a Rift S sensors

Hello VR Experts I need to know if it is possible to cover a Rift S but still gain its head rotation?Can the headset still work if it was covered with let's say a velvet material?I don't need hands and positional tracking for the project!I understood...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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