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Oculus Rift S Controller bug on Unity?

When I use OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Axis2D.SecondaryThumbStick) it usually returns the position of the SECONDARY Thumb stick but sporadically return the PRIMARY controller at other times.The same problem occurs with the Oculus Demo 'Distance Grab' shoul...

Help with 360 video rendering in Unity with Oculus

Hi, I am a developer who is making a prototype with VR in a games engine called Unity and I would like to make 360 videos work in VR.So I followed a 360 video tutorial from a Youtuber called Valem and I wanted to do something like that in my VR proje...

n7uhio6y7vbb.png gzs8e0m5v2lh.png
rr_106 by Honored Guest
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Disable tracking Oculus rift S

This is on the quest menu. Why can't we have an equivalent on the rift S ? What's the real Oculus purpose here and why not allowing us to do it at all even trough command line ??@ninjaGG at least tell us something. Yoirgl

Yoirgl by Expert Protege
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What happened to Hybrid Apps?

What TH happened to Hybrid Apps?The concept (was) is so powrfull and, nevertheless, somehow banished as it had never existed. That's weird. I mean, c'mon, it's been less than 18 months from those presentations at OC5. It's not like it was the Pleisto...

axsh by Protege
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Oculus Rift S Run in Background not working?

Hello,If i remove and keep the oculus rift s headset aside while the Unity player (64-bit) is running and wear the headset again after 20-25 minutes, i only see a black screen with gaze-pointer and the whole Unity freezes. It takes 5 minutes or somet...

Implementing In-App Purchase

I'm trying to implement in-app purchasing in a Rift app I'm developing in Unity and have followed the applicable guidelines here: developer[dot]oculus[dot]com/documentation/unity/ps-iap/ So far, I've successfully uploaded a .tsv file for the item I w...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Recent performance issues

Towards the end of December I was finishing up the intro of my VR game. The intro is just 5 minute ride introducing the story and environment they are about to experience in the actual game. It is built inside of UE4 (4.23). During the intro normal c...

Leap Motion + Rift S... Are they compatible?

Can anyone tell me if Leap Motion can be used with the Rift S as it has been with the original Rift? I'm wondering whether if there's any conflict between the Leap Motion's infrared lights and the inside-out tracking of the Rift S.

My software isnt working

So i had the problem that i could not install the Oculus Software. I fixed it and now I can install it and can use it till it wants to check my sensors.So i install go to configurate and my whole pc crashes with the reason: "memory_management_" or "s...

hanimad by Explorer
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My Software is crashing while installing

Install 'Dawn.Setup.InstallFirewallRulesStep' succeeded.[Debug] [28.01.2020 00:01:41] Install 'Dawn.Setup.InstallUninstallerStep' succeeded.[Debug] [28.01.2020 00:01:41] Extracting asset 'Oculus.ico'.[Debug] [28.01.2020 00:01:41] Install 'Dawn.Setup....

hanimad by Explorer
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Rift not connecting

Hey,so my Rift stopped working. And it worked perfectly for the last month or so. Its showing as not connected and on the headset there is orange light.I hadn´t changed anything on my PC, except Oculus app auto updates.I tried reinstalling Oculus app...

Peecha by Explorer
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Legality of enterprise, and runtime?

We would like to use the Rift SEnterprise with Enscape, Lumion, IrisVR, Autodesk Live, etc. to view ourdesigns in VR with the design team as well as clients. These programs allconnect to the Oculus through the Oculus Runtime. The runtime still shows ...

ProGroup by Honored Guest
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C++ asw::exceptions on library initialization

I've had native Oculus support in my project for quite some time, and things are working just fine. However, after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, I've noticed that during the Oculus library initialization in my engine there are a dozen or so exceptions...

sbdykes by Protege
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Oculus RIFT S

Hello! I have tried everything! I have bought every usb hub posible I have done the device manager thing .I have done the power management thing with disabling and I have restarted it . Tried rebooting oculus and also reinstalled oculus app. I have a...

WebVr development

Hello,I'm trying to develop some vr visualization with hotspots to launch videos, display text and images in an Oculus like Krpano software.I need to display it on the web, I tried with firefox, it works for 1 day and now when I try to use the helmet...

iom44 by Honored Guest
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Updates being forced

With the vast number of updates and anomalies created from them, is there some way to prevent auto updates so they can be done in a more intentional and planned way? Can you pragmatically force updates behind the scenes? These updates are creating ma...

Whats my next video card?

Ok. Christmas is over, and I got my Quest (to add to my DK1, CV1, GO, Gear VR, Rift, Rift S). My GTX 1070 has served me very well, but I think I'll start looking at upgrading my graphics card next, and I was looking to get a few of you experts to giv...