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RF Position Tracking System

Found this on YT a little while back , looks surprisingly good .If its used in conjunction with the rift you could chuck out the gyro that he placed in there , not everyone has a massive room to walk around in granted but this kind of solution could ...

MrNexy by Explorer
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Oculus SDK and Stereoscopic Rendering Design

I'm pretty new to stereoscopic rendering but I'm wondering about something trying to implement the SDK.Since we need to render to a bigger render target than the backbuffer anyways, why is Oculus using a full-sized render target and only renders to h...

FPS Creator

I came across the FPS Creator website recently and it appears that they are working on a new version of the engine entitled FPS Creator Reloaded. Hoping they will incorporate Oculus Rift support to this as an option. I can see they had created suppor...

SDK's Distortion Scale vs 1080p

Reading chapter 5.5.3 of the SDK doc about Distortion Scale:The simplest solution is to increase the scale of the input texture, controlled by the Scale variable of thedistortion pixel shader discussed earlier. As an example, if we want to increase t...

Nyast by Honored Guest
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Hello all!Would it be possible for me to develop a teris game in which you see the falling blocks in your left eye and the blocks which have already fallen in your right eye?Thanks!

mah18 by Honored Guest
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Tracking hands

I think if there was something like the xbox kinnect to track hand movement with the rift that would make the ulimate experience, you would also see your hands infront of you etc, the hands would work so you can pick things up and movethings, the hal...

Anddos by Honored Guest
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OSX and Linux

I am very disappointed to find the SDK is MS Windoze only.  I currently avoid using that OS and do not have it installed on any of my personal systems. When can we expect OSX and Linux versions of the SDK? On the one hand I want to dive into this. O...

Tracker DK magnetometer 2-axis, or 3?

UPDATE: I have received a replacement Rift DK, and all three magnetometer axes change as expected.I am reading Tracker DK raw HID packets with my Raspberry Pi.Speculation from the i-fixit teardown suggests that the Tracker DK contains a 3-axis magnet...

PS4 Eye

Just saw the data sheet for the new version of the Playstation Eye. It looks pretty impressive. Here's the Google cache because page loads very slowly. The only problem is they apparently aren't planning on selling it as a separate product, and it us...

Chriky by Honored Guest
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Non-PC integration (Next gen consoles?)

Is there any information on what the future of Oculus hardware might be in terms of Console gaming? Everything I've read here has been very PC gaming focussed. With cross-platform engines like Unreal supporting it, what would need to happen to be abl...

Subcide by Honored Guest
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AMD xfire, multi-display

How do folk here hook up their kits?I have a main 30" display and would like to have the oculus as 2nd display. It somewhat works but I have to duplicate desktops?!? And only get xfire to kick in if I disable the other desktop altogether?!?Needless t...

marius by Honored Guest
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strategic commander

my idea is using the microsoft strategic commander (moded drivers by Philip Merwarth) to move and pan the camera left and right plus all the buttons and then free aim with your mouse in the direction you are looking, that could be high precicion and ...

bum87 by Honored Guest
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What glue do I use?

The form of my Oculus is falling apart from the plastic/rubber that it is sticking on to. What glue do I use? Something like rubber cement? I know this will be close to the head so I dont want toxic fumes being inhaled.

Strabismus and correction

I wear corrective lenses mostly to correct crossed vision. The crossed vision prevents me from perceiving depth without the lenses. Is the SDK going to have any mechanism for correcting for this kind of vision problem? It should be a simple matter of...

jherico by Adventurer
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Game idea for the oculus/hydra

Hi there, I just had an awesome idea.... Imagine a 1st person Spiderman game for the oculus and the hydra.Would be incredible to swing like spiderman through the streets of NY. What do you think ? Greets

Jacky by Honored Guest
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Hand tracking Game design idea

Hello,sorry for multiple post , but I posted something here about a new gamedesign idea :viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1036&p=11032#p11032tell me your advice.

Tgaud by Honored Guest
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Code for applying distortion

Hi all,my C++ and DirectX knowledge is very limited, so I have a hard time coming to grips with the rendering part of the SDK.For now I'd like to create a simple stereo viewer. Load 2 images (left eye and right eye), distort them properly and combine...

mastasky by Explorer
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Oculus Input Emulator for Selfmade Rifts?

Hey,I wanted to ask if theres any way to emulate a plugged in Oculus Rift, so I can try oculus built software like Museum of the Microstar, RiftCoaster and so on.I do have two selfmade Rifts using a Nexus7 and a nexus4, FreePie, PPJoy and Splashtop. ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Rift latency

Has anyone else measured the Rift's end-to-end latency? By this I mean movement time to photons off the screen time. I am getting numbers around 25-35ms measured using the official Unity plugin. Can anyone also provide their numbers? Perhaps Palmer a...

doktorvr by Explorer
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Razer Hydra and Stand Up VR

I have been playing with the Razer Hydra with UDK and while it is quite simple to use them for a sit down VR application, I much prefer to stand up for FPS type VR games. So what are the options with the Razer Hydra? I have seen the base mounted on t...

Krisper by Explorer
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Star Trek Bridge commander

Anyone thought of putting together a rift mod for this game. Even Decent Freespace1/2.I'd love to try it but with little experience, no rift kit or time...might be a bit difficult.Ps. first post!

italstal by Honored Guest
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First impressions from a game development POV

A few notes after an evening of messing around with the Rift. Polygons are really noticeable. Textures look more like wallpaper, normal mapping doesn't help hide polygons, it just makes them look even more unnatural. Objects rendered with tessellatio...

longshot by Honored Guest
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Thought experiments in magnetic tracking.

OK, so the lack of hardware of any kind to test with is really killing me here, because it means all of this is pure speculation.However, while thinking through the issues of the hydra's tracking accuracy once again (latest comments suggest the posit...

KuraIthys by Honored Guest
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Tridef DDD Driver support.

This question goes to Palmer, Nate and the Oculus Team (others feel free to discuss what they know, of course): What are the plans to make Oculus compatible with Tridef (or vice-versa)? Last I heard, the guys at tridef were waiting to get the devkit,...

Standalone Rift Trackers?

A while ago I think Palmer said Oculus were planning on selling the trackers from the Rift separately (even longer ago, nrp was going to sell them by himself).Is there any update on that?As far as I can tell, it is basically the best tracker on the m...

Chriky by Honored Guest
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Which is easier to work with: xbox or ps3 controller

Hi,I looked through all the oculus rift video on youtube and i see everyone is using xbox360 wired controllerIs there something wrong with the PS3 controller, because I really prefer ps3 controller over xbox360.The xbox360 is on sale right now on new...

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