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is razer always this bad?

Long story is long...:1. $50 off a Razer Hydra for being a Oculus rift owner, Nice!2. I attempt to order the Razer w/portal but web page is messed up. Contact support3. learn its because the item is out of stock, told by support to order it w/o porta...

Hasbro Lazer Tag

There was a sale over the weekend on Hasbro's Lazer Tag AR gun/ios app, so I picked up a 2-pack (sadly, it's $20 more now on Amazon. Target has been reported to have them on sale still):http://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-92692-Laze ... B0026J7EIOI got mine...

iOS/Android AR app w/ license?

Hello forum!Today I played with a cheap toy gun that had a mount for my phone. This worked with an app that used my camera and the various iOS sensors in the phone to allow me to play laser tag around my apartment with Matrix-style squid-beasts.It co...

Compatibility with my laptop

Will the oculus rift work with my laptop? I have a laptop with:Dual core cpu 2.00 GHz3.00 GB of ram32-bit operating systemI'm using a Compaq Presario CQ60 Notebook PC.I have an intel graphics cardMy OpenGL version is 2.1.0, and shaders work. However,...

Software support for rift...

I posted this topic on the oculus reddit page but it didnt get the response i wanted. I wanted to know what people that have used the rift think of using the rift in 2d. i have heard a few videos mention that the rift wasn't the easiest to take off a...

enilsen16 by Honored Guest
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Makey Makey is my best friend

http://www.makeymakey.com/I took a couple of foot pedals from my rockband drum set and another from a keyboard I had. Hooked them up to the makey makey, and instantly was able to walk around while sitting in my chair.Should be able to make just about...

Emotiv EEG

I have one of these on the way. Hopefully it arrives at the same time as the Oculus Rift and hopefully both arrive soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3tgc4-pibcI anticipate being able to do something like this for navigation. It seems similar to h...

Standard Avatar (Rift + Hydra)

Are there any charitable souls who would be willing to put together a prefab consisting of a basic/standard avatar model with Rift+Hydra support that we could use off the bat for our Unity projects? I would personally -and greatly- appreciate it and ...

ftarnogol by Expert Protege
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Oculus-ready UDK Now Available!

Hey everyone,The Oculus-ready version of the UDK is now available from the Oculus Developer Center!You can download it right from the Downloads page:https://developer.oculus.com/?action=dlThe documentation can be downloaded from the Documentation pag...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Ground Immersion System Development.

Hi guy'sJust joined the forum and looking forward to what the rift should bring to gaming. I've been developing a form of input which has all the details on the oculus rift community forum under , development , ground immersion systems. Please check ...

Face Tracking - Possibilities and Uses

Some of you may be aware of this kind of tech, but here are some examples anyway! :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvievLyt ... OItKHmairQ - Standard Webcamhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE-gftsaXb8 -Kinect for WindowsI was going through some possibil...

FlameHaze by Honored Guest
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Oculus Rift game controller input

Hi! I'm trying to add Oculus Rift support to LWJGL so it'll be accessible for 0x10c and Minecraft, and keep running into annoying LWJGL native compilation errors. But when I start up LWJGl with the rift connected, it lists it as a game controller wit...

notch by Honored Guest
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Pebble for telemetric input

I'm wondering if anyone has considered using something like the pebble to capture telemetric data from the player. Do you think this could be a useful VR accessory?I'd love to hear thoughts from the community.

Clips are the way to go

I would envision a wire or wireless signal from the headset to a little device you can clip to your sleeve for hands-free motion tracking (as someone mentioned, you would not need to physically hold a device).You could then use props and clip the dev...

darren by Honored Guest
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coefficients of distortion function...

I may be overlooking something, but can someone share recommended values of constants k0, k1, k2 and k3 in optical distortion function that warps the linear image into pincushion distorted prior sending to the helmet? The function is no rocket scienc...

stepanK by Honored Guest
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VR Interface with handsfree input

Hey,is anybody trying to implement a virtual interface or HUD with the Rift in combination with a leap controller? For example similar to Mass Effect. You look at your arm ingame and get an interface projected on your arm. With the leap you are track...

ElazarGer by Honored Guest
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Piston walker

I haven't gotten a rift yet so I am just thinking about it.Imagine two pistons facing upward in the shape of a V with your feet at the top of the V (one on each piston), and you in a harness suspended above them). As you move your legs forward to wal...

darren by Honored Guest
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Magnetic fields in buildings

It would be useful if the Unity/UDK code for OVR will allow the magnetic compass to be enabled/disabled on the headtracker...I live in a multi-storey building with a steel frame, and there are all sorts of strong magnetic fields in the flat. When I m...

kingtut by Honored Guest
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Demos for DK release

Hey Fellow Rifters.I've now had the preview unit for two days and was wondering if there will be additional demos made available when the developer kit is released?For my project I just asked for the C++ SDK. This SDK download only includes the Oculu...

Unity plugin warping

i noticed the Oculus World demo has the black edges of the screen and the fisheye warping thing i think needed for the Rift.However, the same Tuskany Demo for Unity (not part of the SDK , the seperate download) does not have the black bars or the fis...

Welcome Everyone!

Hey guys (and gals)!Welcome to the Official Oculus VR Forums, where the community can go to learn about and discuss all things Oculus.There are a few different subforums here: some dedicated to development with the Oculus SDK, engines like Unity and ...

Talking about our Rift development

Heya Rift Peeps.With GDC next week when do you think we will be allowed to talk about our preview kit access and working with the Rift? This doesn't even have to mean that we release any code, but just talk about it. I would love to announce during t...

Differences between preview and release

Hey Rift Peeps.I was curious as to what the differences are between the preview Rift and the soon-to-be released Rift dev kit? Is there anything that we need to be aware of, or are all of the changes behind the scenes from our point of view?Thanks!- ...

OVR SDK Public Release Date

Hey Riftareenos.I was wondering if you had a rough idea when the OVR SDK would be made public, or at least available for the Kickstarter and preorder people? I wanted to make sure that we had our Torque 3D integration and demo all ready for that time...

Handy Things to Move Into the SDK

Hey Rift Peeps!While working on the HMD side of the SDK I found that I needed to dissect and make use of parts of the OculusWorldDemo. These calculations will be required for anyone that is attempting to use the distortion shader so are good candidat...

Reference Counting and Ptr<>

Hey Rift Peeps.In reading through the OVR docs there is mention of reference counting. And in looking at the example code I see that the OVR::Ptr<> template is used throughout. I was wondering if the SDK reference counting then depends on the use of ...

Unreal and Unity Requirements

Hello.As I understand it, if a developer wishes to use either the Unreal Engine or Unity there are the following restrictions:- A full UE3 license is required to make use of the Rift integration- A Unit 4.x Pro license is required to use the RiftIs t...

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